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UK-Swindon: flooring materials tender

Official EU reference: 174206-2014

Published on: 24/05/2014

Deadline date:03/06/2014

Location where the contract is to be carried out: United Kingdom

Name of the buying organisation: UK SHARED BUSINESS SERVICES LTD

Full contract details
UK Shared Business Services Ltd, North Star House, Block D2, For the
attention of: Rhian Lye, SwindonSN2 1FF, UNITED KINGDOM. E-mail:
[email protected]
(Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, 12.4.2014,
2014/S 73-125577)
Instead of:
II.1.5) Short description of the contract or purchase(s)
RFP Return Date: 27.5.2014.
Evaluation Period: 28.5.2014–13.6.2014.
Issue Intention to Award: 19.6.2014.
Standstill Period: 19.6.2014- 30.6.2014.
Issue Award: 1.7.2014.
IV.3.3) Conditions for obtaining specifications and additional documents
or descriptive document
27.5.2014 (09:00)
IV.3.4) Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate
27.5.2014 (14:00)
IV.3.8) Conditions for opening of tenders
28.5.2014 (10:00)
II.1.5) Short description of the contract or purchase(s)
RFP Return Date: 3.6.2014.
Evaluation Period: 4.6.2014 – 19.6.2014
Issue Intention to Award: 26.06.2014
Standstill Period: 26.06.2014 – 7.7.2014
Issue Award: 8.7.2014
IV.3.3) Conditions for obtaining specifications and additional documents
or descriptive document
3.6.2014 (09:00)
IV.3.4) Time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate
3.6.2014 (14:00)
IV.3.8) Conditions for opening of tenders
4.6.2014 (10:00)
Other additional information
Information to be corrected or added in the corresponding tender
For further information please refer to the relevant corresponding tender
Due to Bidder clarifications we have extended the deadline to the 3rd of
June to allow Bidders sufficient time to respond.
This corrigendum is to correct several dates stated in the original notice
and in the corrigendum published 13.5.2014 Notice Batch ID:

Classification of the contract
44100000 Construction materials and associated items
44111000 Building materials
44111100 Bricks
14212200 Aggregates
24911200 Adhesives
44111800 Mortar (construction)
43413000 Concrete or mortar mixers
44113000 Road-construction materials
44112500 Roofing materials
45262670 Metalworking
44140000 Products related to construction materials
39715210 Central-heating equipment
44160000 Pipeline, piping, pipes, casing, tubing and related items
44600000 Tanks, reservoirs and containers; central-heating radiators and boilers
31680000 Electrical supplies and accessories
03419100 Timber products
44191000 Miscellaneous construction materials in wood
44512000 Miscellaneous hand tools
43830000 Power tools
44511000 Hand tools
44800000 Paints, varnishes and mastics
35113400 Protective and safety clothing
18140000 Workwear accessories
39715000 Water heaters and heating for buildings; plumbing equipment
44115000 Building fittings
44410000 Articles for the bathroom and kitchen
09330000 Solar energy
44533000 Copper fasteners
31000000 Electrical machinery, apparatus, equipment and consumables; lighting
31527200 Exterior lights
31500000 Lighting equipment and electric lamps
31521300 Portable electric lamps
44320000 Cable and related products
31214100 Switches
31211000 Boards and fuse boxes
35125100 Sensors
31212000 Circuit breakers
31211300 Fuses
39721310 Air heaters
31224100 Plugs and sockets
31625000 Burglar and fire alarms
31215000 Voltage limiters
31210000 Electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits
31681000 Electrical accessories
44220000 Builders’ joinery
44170000 Plates, sheets, strip and foil related to construction materials
03419000 Timber
03412000 Tropical wood
03415000 Softwood
03418100 Hardwood
44500000 Tools, locks, keys, hinges, fasteners, chain and springs
39241200 Scissors
39224210 Painters’ brushes
39241100 Knives
42600000 Machine tools
42670000 Parts and accessories of machine tools
43800000 Workshop equipment
42522000 Non-domestic fans
39151200 Work benches
44111400 Paints and wallcoverings
39530000 Carpets, mats and rugs
44111300 Ceramics
44112210 Solid flooring
44831400 Grout
39812500 Sealants
45500000 Hire of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment with operator
44423330 Platforms for handling goods
42416100 Lifts
42416300 Hoists
42123000 Compressors
31120000 Generators
31170000 Transformers
42924300 Spraying equipment
16160000 Miscellaneous gardening equipment
42500000 Cooling and ventilation equipment
42000000 Industrial machinery
34928320 Guardrails
38296000 Surveying instruments
34928310 Safety fencing
42660000 Soldering, brazing and welding tools, surface tempering and hot-spraying machines and equipment
39713400 Floor-maintenance machines
44111200 Cement
44111500 Insulators and insulating fittings
44111600 Blocks
44163110 Drainage pipes
44115210 Plumbing materials
44167000 Various pipe fittings
44192000 Other miscellaneous construction materials
44112200 Floor coverings
44111700 Tiles
44115200 Plumbing and heating materials
44161000 Pipelines
44162000 Piping
44163000 Pipes and fittings
44163240 Pipe joints
44163241 Insulated joints
44163160 Distribution pipes and accessories
44163100 Pipes
44620000 Central-heating radiators and boilers and parts
44621000 Radiators and boilers

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