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WoolSafe to forge exciting new partnership

The WoolSafe Organisation has recently begun collaborating with British carpet manufacturers to better promote the natural qualities and inherent performance benefits of wool carpets.

Following a meeting at the British Wool Marketing Board, WoolSafe has made plans to come together with wool manufacturers to convey to consumers the advantages of choosing wool and wool-rich carpet when it comes to floorcoverings, and to address the fact that many homeowners are now selecting man-made fibres over natural ones due to the perceived ease of maintenance that these other types of yarns claim to offer.

“Following the introduction and extensive marketing of ‘stain-resistant’ and so-called ‘bleach cleanable’ carpets, wool offerings have been losing market share in recent years to polypropylene fibre carpets, even though wool still ranks highly in terms of consumer desire,” explains Steve Bakker, Marketing Manager, The WoolSafe Organisation. “This new and closer working relationship between WoolSafe and wool carpet manufacturers will aim to promote the benefits of wool to consumers and demonstrate that wool is actually a very easily cleaned and simple to maintain carpet choice, without the need to use bleach. In actual fact, cleaning any carpet with bleach is not recommended considering the risk to the health of children, pets, carpet backing and sub-floor!”

The WoolSafe Organisation will play an important role in this campaign by utilising its status as the leading authority when it comes to caring for wool. With tried-and-tested cleaning advice freely available to all consumers at, and the free, award-winning Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide app for iPhone and iPad users, WoolSafe is the ideal partner for British wool carpet manufacturers.

“This partnership is still in the early stages of development, and it will be fantastic to work with and support various manufacturers over the coming months,” continues Steve Bakker. “At WoolSafe, we are committed to sharing our passion for wool, and indeed the correct care of wool, with consumers nationwide. We hope to equip them with all the information they need to choose wool with confidence when they next replace their flooring.”

For further information on The WoolSafe Organisation and the services offered please call the dedicated helpline on 01943 850 817 or email [email protected]

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