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Wood Floors are no problem for Sika

Combining the best properties of classic sealant and adhesive technologies, Sika has delivered its ‘intelligent curing’ system to wood floor bonding with the introduction of SikaBond-52 Wood Floor and SikaBond-54 Wood Floor products.

With SikaBond-54 replacing SikaBond-T54 and T54 FC for full surface bonding of solid and engineered wood and SikaBond-52 replacing SikaBond-52 and 52FC for the liquid batten technique, both adhesives are solvent free and completely odourless. Both come in a one-part, ready to use format, are CE certified and are suitable for use with most woods and can even be used with the more problematic woods like bamboo and beech.

SikaBond-54 Wood Floor has been developed to deliver full surface bonding with solid and engineered wood floors when applied with a notched trowel. Similarly, SikaBond-52 has been developed for bonding wood floors using the liquid batten technique and is suitable for use with solid, engineered, parquet and chip board wood floors, as well as Sika’s own AcouBond sound dampening system. Full surface bonding can also be achieved with SikaBond-52 by simply using the SikaBond Dispenser-1800 Power to apply the product directly.

The SikaBond Dispenser-1800 Power is a battery-powered gun which allows for quick, easy and even distribution of adhesive (achieving 70% surface coverage). The dispenser is easy to clean and will not result in any waste product. Equally, the dispenser can be easily recharged with one battery charge running for the application of 30 x 1800ml adhesive sausages.

Due to the elastic nature of both products, the passage of sound is also lessened –something which can otherwise prove to be problematic when installing wooden floors. The flexibility and elasticity of the adhesives also lends itself for use with underfloor heating systems too.

Jayne Hasoon, Product Manager for Sika commented: “As the original innovators of elastic bonding, Sika continually strives to develop and evolve the range to make sure it remains the contractors choice for direct bonding of solid and engineered wood to all common substrates. Our latest offering with SikaBond-52 and SikaBond-54 ensures a no fuss, no odour, problem free solution. With Sika, the contractor can be confident that they will not receive call backs to any problematic jobs”

For further information on Sika’s full range, download the free Sika Handbook iPhone and Android app, email [email protected], call the Technical Helpdesk on 01707 363810 or visit the website at

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