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What’s on the floor at the New Saint-Gobain Technical Academy?

At the new Saint-Gobain Technical Academy in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, products in Weber’s diverse range have been used in many areas.  This includes tile fixing products in cloakrooms and wetrooms, and extensive use of Weber Floor throughout this impressive training facility.

“The Academy is an ideal shop window to display Design Floor screeds and we receive architects, designers and applicators regularly to view these dramatic and bold finishes,” says James Mead, marketing manager, Saint-Gobain Weber.  “Our products enable the creation of practical floors with modern, minimalist finishes that are quick, simple and cost-effective to install, as well as being casein-free, with low alkalinity and low emissions.”

Designed for optimum speed and simplicity these high performance products create a smooth and durable surface and in many cases can take light foot traffic in just a few hours. They are designed for use as floating, unbonded and bonded floor solutions.

A floor area in the Academy of 780m² was initially prepared with weber.floor 4360 base flow rapid which is a fast setting, rapid drying, pumpable, self-levelling screed ideal for solid floors in commercial and residential applications.  It can be applied to depths of between 20-80mm and can receive light foot traffic after only 2-3 hours.  This screed is fibre-modified for added durability.

In the Academy weber.floor 4650 design colour has been applied to provide a durable, seamless, super-smooth floor It is a through-coloured, pumpable, self-levelling compound ideal for commercial, residential and retail environments, as well as light truckload in industrial locations.  weber.floor 4650 design colour can be applied at depths between 4-15mm and is ready for foot traffic after only 3-5 hours.  It has excellent spreading and smoothing characteristics and is available in a choice of 10 colours for eye-pleasing aesthetics.

“Architect-designed interiors will often feature open-plan floor spaces to maximise the visual impact of impressive entrances, gallery layouts and retail spaces,” continues James Mead, “and Weber’s Design Floor concept opens up these new horizons for designers who want to achieve an added dimension in striking, long-lasting and low maintenance floor finishes.”

In specific areas of the Academy, weber.floor 4635 design ground stone has achieved a smooth, polished micro terrazzo finish which is both durable and attractive.  Curing time is around 3-5 hours, and after 24 hours the top surface can be ground and polished.  This is a pumpable screed which has the addition of hard aggregate granules. After grinding the recommended thickness should be between 10-12mm.  Available in dark or light grey weber.floor 4635 design ground stone is ideal for high foot traffic and light industry.

For more information about the Saint-Gobain Technical Academy, or for technical floor product support, please contact Saint-Gobain Weber on 08703 330 070, or visit www.netweber.co.uk.  Customers in Ireland should call 028 9335 2999 or visit www.weber.ie

A free download of the new weber.app for iPhone and iPad users is also available from iTunes and from Google Play for Android smartphones and tablet users.  Follow Saint-Gobain Weber on Twitter @SGWeberUK for the latest company news and updates.

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