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Flint Floor to present the most resistant laminate flooring in the world

Flint has developed the world’s most resistant laminate flooring, with resistance and endurance qualities which make it the best option for hospitality, contract and residential spaces. Furthermore, it is the only laminate that can be installed without any problem in kitchens, bathrooms and spas.

Flint’s new HI-FLOOR features High Pressure Block (HPB) technology, representing a major leap forward compared to floor panels that use conventional laminates. Composed of cellulose fibres that are impregnated with thermosetting resin and subjected to high pressure and high temperature in a single process, HPB panels provide the HI-FLOOR laminate with total resistance to water, impact, scratches, fire (protection classes Bfl-S1 and Cfl-S1), pressure and wear (AC5 and AC6 classes).

These qualities make the Flint laminate the perfect ally for the hospitality industry and any environment that requires the flooring to retain its original appearance during a long useful life. HI-FLOOR withstands the passage of time with full guarantees. With proper installation and maintenance, up to 20 years of useful life is guaranteed.

HI-FLOOR retains its original appearance in public spaces used by large numbers of people, such as shops, shopping centres, auditoriums, theatres, museums and waiting rooms. It is also the only laminate that can be easily fitted in spas, bathrooms and kitchens, as it is highly resistant to prolonged exposure to wet environments.

Its wide range of models ensures that it can adapt perfectly to any space. In addition, maintenance is very simple and can be carried out using ordinary cleaning products.


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