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Tessera Contour: Softening the square

With interior designers persistently striving to create the most effective workspace environment, Forbo Flooring Systems offers a flooring solution that not only responds to ergonomic changes, but also evolves within the architectural space.

Tessera Contour is a practical new carpet tile collection of 10 contemporary muted colourways inspired by both urban and natural environments.

The repeated shapes in architecture and urban settings have heavily influenced the controlled geometric background of Tessera Contour.

Responding to the demand from the marketplace for an evolution of the popular linear effect, a softer and subtler look has been diffused across the collection taking inspiration from sustainable architecture, whilst maintaining a close relationship to the natural landscape.

The carpet tile structure is therefore relieved and broken by a more sensitively striated cut pile overlay, to reflect the diverse human and natural elements found in and around these landscapes.

A move away from strong colour palettes, Contour leads the way with a tonal progression of diffused muted shades ranging from very dark to very pale, the latter of which achieve high Light Reflectance Values.

The linear design is further softened by the introduction of texture, whilst the subtle tone variation in the yarns gives each individual colourway nuances of different shades all within a geometric, architectural framework with naturally inspired, striated forms.

Sarah Ludlam, Senior Designer at Forbo Flooring Systems explains: “Smart organisations are demanding workplace concepts that enhance human performance, health and well being and because of this, thoughtful workplace design is recognised as a powerful tool for supporting employee performance.

“The link with nature and the sensory changes people experience means the commercial environment is bridging the gap further bringing the ‘outside in’ with the use of more sustainable products, as well as the increased use of natural daylight.

Clean, light, elegant, practical but above all precise, the Tessera Contour concept concentrates on light and space and provides a neutral backdrop offering specifiers the ability to fluidly blend the carpet tile with other products or combination of materials to create individual areas, ideal as part of a multifunctional work space.”

Practical and adaptable, Contour sits well with Fobo’s luxury Westbond fusion bonded carpet tiles for zoning, as well as the durable Allura Flex luxury vinyl tile.

Particularly for areas where there is a higher footfall or application dictates a resilient floorcovering, Allura Flex tiles and planks provide a high quality, dimensionally stable product specifically designed for loose lay installations – ideally suited in the office segment.

Beautiful designs in wood, stone and abstracts continue the natural theme perfect for mixing alongside Contour, whilst providing practical and smart areas – Allura Flex can even be installed with the same carpet tile tackifer.

Additionally, Contour can be fitted in a variety of styles from monolithic, non-directional, tessellated or half-drop, allowing complete design flexibility and truly unique installations.

Meanwhile, the product itself is an environmental choice as it contains over 50% recycled content by weight.

The installation and production waste can be recycled back into Tessera tiles through Forbo’s ‘Back to the Floor’ scheme – completely closing the loop, although installation waste can also be minimised to just 2% if Contour is installed non-directionally.

Furthermore, Forbo is also an active member of Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK), which has a target to divert 25% of carpet waste from landfill by 2015 recovering valuable raw materials.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom using precision tufting technology and an ultrasonic tile cutting process, tile waste is significantly reduced by 80% compared to traditional press cutting methods.

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