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Support for Shortening the Cash Flow Cycle

Even though construction has picked up after the recession and many contractors are now recording improved margins, some are still experiencing cash flow issues which require financial support in order to tide them over until they receive payment.

Ultimate Construction Finance specialises in providing confidential finance facilities that help smooth out the peaks and troughs of the cash flow cycle. Its bespoke solutions bridge the funding gap between raising uncertified applications for payment and receiving payment from clients. Ultimate Construction Finance can provide up to £3 million, supporting the working capital and growth aspirations of contractors, as well as helping them to save money by paying their suppliers promptly.

The benefits include:

• A cash advance at the point of raising an application for payment, rather than waiting for it to be certified
• Regular cash flow which makes it easier to pay suppliers and staff during long-term high value contracts
• More capital to work with, allowing future contracts to be taken on without the risk of over-stretching 
• Live access to account information 24/7, enabling quick decisions to be made based on accurate, real time information that shows how much funding is available
• Complete cost transparency of pricing and prepayment percentages with no hidden extras
• A totally confidential service.

Tim Wilkinson, Sales Director at Ultimate Construction Finance, said:

“Enquiries for our cash flow solutions jumped 30% in the first half of 2015 and we expect them to climb steadily going forward as more companies realise the benefits.”

To find out more about the cash flow solutions offered by Ultimate Construction Finance, call 0800 121 7757 or visit the Ultimate Construction Finance website.

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