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SMEs Are Tech Savvy – But Struggle Switching Off

The majority of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have mastered the use of technology in the workplace but feel overwhelmed by the intrusion it is causing in their personal lives, according to research from business insurer Hiscox.

Hiscox said that SMEs were becoming ‘slaves to their smartphones’, with 64 per cent of owners having made or received a work-related communication outside of working hours.

Some 38 per cent of those surveyed admitted they have difficulty switching off and are working when they shouldn’t be. However, more SME owners (74 per cent) feel they don’t have to hide the fact that they’re working when they shouldn’t be, compared to 17 per cent who feel they do.

The study also found that 61 per cent of small business owners keep up to date with technology and recognise the importance of it for business success. Looking ahead, 59 per cent of respondents plan to significantly invest in technology in the near future, either in new or upgraded equipment.

Alan Thomas, small business insurance expert at Hiscox, said: “Our research confirms what we already know from working closely with them; SMEs are constantly connected to their workplace, incredibly tech savvy and committed to their business.”

“As SMEs seek to keep their business running at all times, the option to clock off at 5pm is fast diminishing and being ‘switched on’ is becoming a normal way of life. Thanks to the reliance on, and access to technology, SMEs have become masters of technology but slaves to their work, and it’s no surprise they are leading a lifestyle where they are ‘always on'”.

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