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The Gazelli Art House, a commercial art organisation, has specified Sika Primer MB and Sika Acoubond products for its newly refurbished gallery in Dover Street, Mayfair. The two-part epoxy resin primer was used in conjunction with the innovative Acoubond soundproofing system to help install high-end and fashionable Dinesen Douglas fir flooring in the gallery’s ground and first floors.

The design ambition of the Gazelli Art House refurbishment was to create a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that would provide a calm context for the artworks. The founder and director of Gazelli had visited the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea and had liked the compelling effect of employing large, long Dinesen Douglas fir boards installed using Sika’s Primer MB and Acoubond products, in a gallery context.
The flooring treatment used at the Saatchi Gallery was an aesthetic that Danish architect Max Broby, director of London-based practice Broby DNA, had employed for some of his earlier projects and he was confident it would work for the Gazelli Art House too.

“Sika and Dinesen share a long history of working together and it’s far from the first fashionable art gallery to choose this combination,” said Max Broby. “Dinesen Douglas fir goes very well with white walls and the combination of the Sika Primer MB and Acoubond system technically bonds the timber planks consistently, creating a floor that is less noisy and more solid underfoot”.
He continued: “The Sika Primer MB and Acoubond products are the best on the market for this sort of application. My own specialist Broby DNA team carried out the floor installation and they find the Sika products easy to work with.”

Two coats of Sika Primer MB, which is a two-part solvent free, low viscosity, epoxy resin, was applied using a roller application to the ground and first floor levels of the six-storey plus basement building. The epoxy resin was specified to act as both a damp-proof membrane and a moisture barrier but to also create a sealed and glossy surface that is appropriate for bonding the timber boards.
The Acoubond system was then laid on the hardened resin surface. This consists of a 3/5mm thick synthetic foam underlay 1.5m wide with thin pre-cut rectangular openings, which are filled with SikaBond adhesive. The floor was then ready for the 35mm thick and 300mm wide Dinesen Douglas fir boards to be laid. The boards, varying in length from 4.2m to 5.8m, were laid running the full length of the gallery to help create the sense of a large space.

The unique combination of the foam mat and elastic adhesive creates a timber floor that reduces the passage of sound and creates a more solid and comfortable floor, whilst accommodating the natural expansion and contraction of the wood, due to climatic changes in temperature and humidity through the seasons.

For further information on Sika Primer MB, Acoubond and the rest of Sika’s full range, download the free Sika Handbook iPhone and Android app, email [email protected] or call the Technical Helpdesk on 01707 363810 or visit their website

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