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Forbo Flooring System’s Tessera Mix carpet tile range has gone from strength to strength with the introduction of eight fresh colourways in line with current interior trends. This attractive random lay, batchless carpet tile range successfully combines style and functionality, ensuring it achieves that desired balance of practicality and good design.

An innovative, random lay, batchless carpet tile, Mix combines tone and shade with a subtle geometric design, creating a distinctive and attractive flooring solution.

Jason Holmes, Head of Design Textiles at Forbo Flooring Systems, explains: “Mix has evolved; with a wider colour palette driven through the design influence and trend culture of more popular modern interior finishes and shades. Therefore, the enhanced collection features eight deeper and richer colours, to move towards a ‘hue-on-tone’ approach. This methodology retains the essence of Mix with its sophisticated colour transition and graduated effects, but ensures the collection leads the way in random lay propositions, making it entirely suitable for many sectors.”

New colourways include the black and charcoal Obsidian, alluring teal Glacier, a collection of beautifully rich jewel hues of Ruby, Amethyst and Jade, along with strong, natural earthy shades of Sahara, Husk and Stone. All skilfully grouped together with seven existing, timeless references. The result is a completely refreshed and confident modern colour offer, in a soft random geometric aesthetic that enhances the floor spaces of any scale from intimate corridors to expansive open plan offices.

As a random lay tile proposition, Tessera Mix can be laid in a completely unsystematic fashion and yet the unique modular pattern results in an attractive, yet seamless appearance once installed as the soft geometric shapes are broken and joined randomly creating the final design.

Designed in accordance with Forbo’s green design principles, Mix is manufactured in the United Kingdom using advanced ‘Infinity’ tufting technology creating a proven high performance, durable product at an economical pile weight, making it extremely resistant to frequent, heavy footfall and wheeled traffic. The use of solution dyed yarns ensures long lasting colour fastness and resistance to fading. Installation time is greatly reduced with this batchless tile, as there is no need to calculate sized areas, contractors can simply order the total quantity required for the project. In addition, tiles can be ordered in quantities as low as a single box, removing the need to order and store spare stock.

Being a random lay tile, fitting waste is kept to an absolute minimum – less than 2 per cent – due to the fact that every off-cut can be used, whilst speed of installation is increased as there are no directional rules to follow and no need to check the pile direction. Mix also has the added advantage that batches can be combined over time, without the spoiling the overall effect.

Jason concludes: “Tessera Mix affords the designer a sense of freedom in planning as the tile can be used either on its own to create dramatic interior spaces, or alternatively, it can effectively be combined together with other modular Forbo textile or resilient ranges to create a beautiful and unique flooring installation.”

As modular floor coverings, carpet tiles lend themselves perfectly to this sort of application, mixing easily with other materials depending on the performance requirements of each area. Providing variety, choice and flexibility, Forbo’s range of products makes it easier to mix and match multiple sizes, styles and formats of tiles. The portfolio is colour coordinated across the product ranges including vinyl, linoleum, textiles, flocked and entrance systems, offering complete design freedom for multiple application areas within one project.

Mix joins the recently launched Tessera Circulate as part of Forbo’s random lay, batchless carpet tile proposition.

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