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Shining quality with the Diamond Gripper from Floorwise

The extra-wide Diamond Gripper from Floorwise has been carefully developed to provide a superior hold in a variety of residential and commercial locations. With three high-quality products in the range to suit a variety of installations, Floorwise has a real grip on carpet fittings.

Consisting of three products pre-nailed for different subfloor surface types, including one designed specifically for concrete floors, one for just for wood and one dual-purpose gripper for both wood and concrete, the Diamond Gripper provides exceptional quality and is engineered to a far higher specification than standard gripper. As Richard Bailey, managing director, Floorwise, explains.

“With increased choice and a greater demand for cost-effective products, the quality of some gripper available nowadays leaves a lot to be desired. But our Diamond Gripper has been developed with the knowledge of industry insiders to offer a return to the superiority of carpet gripper of old.”

Wider than standard gripper and with an increased number of zinc-coated rust-resistant pins and nails across its length, the Diamond Gripper ensures excellent stability and gives an improved hold once the carpet has been stretched. The wider width gripper helps reduce accidental damage to walls or skirting when nailing, allowing for speedier and easier carpet installation.

“At Floorwise we pride ourselves on offering marketing-leading products, and the quality of our specially engineered Diamond Gripper is certainly no different,” continues Richard Bailey. “Nowadays, more and more carpet is available in five-metre widths to suit the demands of spacious homes and larger commercial environments, so it is increasingly important that gripper is adapted to ensure it performs just as well. The increased number of pins and nails of the Diamond Gripper makes it more suitable for power stretching installations too, so it is the ideal product for any fitter’s toolkit.”

For further information on this and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email [email protected]


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