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Permaban puts its Signature on IMHX

Armoured joint manufacturer Permaban will be exhibiting at the IMHX show for the first time, and also presenting as part of the event’s Case Study Conference.

Focusing on its award-winning Permaban Signature® joint, the company will be practically demonstrating how the product can prevent damage to construction joints in warehouse and distribution centre floors – saving owners and operators substantial repair costs over the building’s lifetime.

Launched in 2012 at the UK Concrete Show, Signature scooped the Most Innovative New Product award for its clever design, and has since been used on numerous logistics developments across Europe.

Traditional armoured joints, usually incorporating parallel steel top strips, defend construction joint arrises from the impact damage caused by materials handling vehicles crossing the joint. However, Signature takes a different approach: it stops the impact happening at all.

Using a principle known as ‘disruptive face technology’ often found in bridge construction, Signature’s distinctive half-hexagon shape prevents vehicle wheels from dropping between the two sides of the joint, so the wheel is always in contact with the floor. Vehicles pass smoothly over, causing no impact and therefore no damage.
Signature is effective regardless of the angle of approach – even in a directional traffic situation where vehicles cross the joint at 90⁰. The joint operates with gap sizes as wide as 40mm, so it is ideal for large-bay jointless floor constructions and for cold stores, where larger gap sizes are common.

Preventing impact damage has significant benefits for warehouse owners and operators. Maintenance bills, both for the floor and materials handling vehicles, are greatly reduced over the lifetime of the building. Costly operational down-time is also avoided.

Installing Signature means the layout of the warehouse need never be dictated by the position of the floor joints, as vehicles can move smoothly around the entire area, in any direction. The building’s layout can be reconfigured as required, giving owners and operators long-term flexibility in how the building is used.

As well as demonstrating the product on its stand, 17P30, Permaban will be presenting as part of the Case Study Conference, discussing how Signature was used on a new development for aviation supplier Aerotron, based at Crawley. The presentation will be held in the Conference Theatre at 12.30pm on Tuesday 19th March, the first day of the show.

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