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Mix it up with Mix to the Max from Balta Broadloom

Shaping spaces in the home like never before, Mix to the Max is the latest innovation from Balta Broadloom.

Shaking aside the constraints of the 50x50cm carpet tile and reimagining a highly flexible 100x25cm dimension, Mix to the Max is inspired by the format and patina of wood flooring, yet with the possibility for virtually limitless design and layout combinations, Mix to the Max is entirely fresh and refreshingly different.

With underfoot comfort, thermal and acoustic insulation and resistance to wear and stains, Mix to the Max carpet planks make a more comfortable home, while nature-inspired aesthetics bring a more beautiful one too. Made from 100% StainSafe® yarn for great everyday performance, the four designs in oak, maple, walnut and pine, each available in several colourways, make for different layouts with colour variety, popping tonal ascents, intermingled patterns, contrasts and highlights; with four designs and four colourways for each the choice is there for the taking.

“We’ve created Mix to the Max to bring a new dimension to carpet for the home,” comments Geert Vanden Bossche, marketing director, Balta Broadloom. “Neatly packaged for an off-the-shelf solution, Mix to the Max allows homeowners the chance to enjoy risk-free experimentation, something other floorcoverings simply struggle to achieve. Should a combination not be working, simply lift, swap and replace. This easy replacement also comes in handy on the off chance that an area becomes stained or soiled beyond repair, just lift and replace.”

Mix to the Max starts off brightly with packaging that is homeowner-friendly, easy to carry and brilliantly bold. Each box, with a revealing opening to show the texture, colour and quality inside, holds 10 carpet planks for coverage of 2.5m2. Mix to the Max can be ordered in various combinations across designs and colours from a minimum of 120m2. Mix and match four designs from a minimum of 30m2 per plank and in multiples of 10m2 for the order that is perfect for you.

For further information contact Balta on +32 56 62 22 11 or [email protected]

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