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Christy Carpets keeps relaxed with Antron® fibre

INVISTA’s Antron® LumenaTM carpet fibre is making sure you can take it easy with the latest carpet tile collection from Christy Carpets.

Bringing stain resistance and colourfastness and a fibre cross-section that helps to disguise dirt, solution dyed Antron® LumenaTM features in the distressed linear effect of Stressed Out and the highly textured loop of Relax, bringing both designs in a wide range of corporate colours lifted with contemporary accent tones.

Right on trend, Stressed Out’s distressed linear effect loop pile is set for a desirable look, with the heavily textured loop of Relax making it the perfect compliment, or a great stand alone product in its own right.

Each design is available in 12 colourways, all of which using solution dyed Antron® LumenaTM fibre. With over 200 colours available, the fibre allows Christy Carpets to design on-trend modular carpet while providing corporate spaces with performance and ease of maintenance.

With a cross-section that minimises the appearance of soiling and a surface that makes it easier to clean, Antron® LumenaTM fibre is ideal for the demanding corporate environments for where Stressed Out & Relax is likely to be destined, as well as education, hospitality, leisure and retail environments.

“These fabulous new designs from Christy Carpets demonstrate just how much freedom working with Antron® LumenaTM fibre gives carpet designers,” explains Jo Lea Keppler, marketing communications manager, Antron® carpet fibre.

“With a great range of colours that offer proven workable shades and trend-driven highlights, it is possible to achieve great tonal combinations and popping highlights, while exploring the power of texture and pattern without worrying about performance.”

Stressed Out achieves heavy contract use, while Relax is suitable for general contract use, both are given a 10-year limited wear warranty and in a 50x50cm format.

For further information contact Antron® carpet fibre on 0845 450 6434 or email [email protected]

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