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Mapei Ultraplan Eco 3210

Same Product, New Weight

Mapei’s best-selling Ultraplan Eco 3210 is now available in 20kg packaging, rather than the original 23kg weight.

Ultraplan Eco 3210 is an ultra-fast hardening, self-levelling and smoothing compound for levelling differences in substrate thickness and can be applied in 3-10mm per coat.

The very low VOC content of Ultraplan Eco 3210 means that it is excellent for use on eco and sustainable projects, for the interior levelling of new or existing substrates.

Part of Mapei’s Fast Track range, the compound can be trowel or pump applied, ready to receive floor coverings after approximately 12 hours.

Ultraplan Eco 3210 can be installed with underfloor heating and also where maximum resistance to loads and traffic are required.

Email [email protected] or tel. +44 (0)121 508 6970 for more information

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