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Jaymart’s Aluminium Matting, choice is at the heart of everything we do

Not only do our aluminium matting systems keep dirt and grime outside and enhance the appearance of entrances to the building they protect we also have a huge selection of different materials that can be inserted into the aluminium scrapper system such as: fine/heavy duty rubber, nylon on vinyl, nylon piled Lustre twist, micro ribbed cord or polypropylene.

We also offer a range of coloured materials so you can contrast your mat to your corporate image as well as shape it to perfectly cover all areas surrounding entrances and exits.

Jaymart started in 1967 and has nearly 50 years of experience in getting the right product in place first time.

Our sales team in the office are happy to discuss what project you have and the products that we offer to meet your needs.

We have installed entrance matting systems in airports, shopping malls, tourist attractions, train stations, shops, cinemas, universities, race course, hospitals, leisure centres, banks, libraries, museums, football stadiums the list is exhaustive.

Our products are tried and tested to deal with heavy constant flows of traffic to light or moderate traffic flow.

As an additional service Jaymart can also have your corporate logo designed into the product for that extra wow factor, or even a simple hello as your customers come to your store.

Have you ever thought about wheelchair, pushchair and high heal friendly products?

We have. We can help ensure you can avoid health & safety issues such as slips trips and falls and recommend products that really do meet the needs and requirements of your business.

Did you know that Jaymart offer a fantastic range of logo mats…?

Giving your reception area or entrance area a dynamic, professional feel, and reinforcing your brand, Jaymart’s wide range of colours and computerised cutting, mean we can reproduce virtually any logo within a mat that will remove the vast majority of walk-in dirt.

What’s more, the nature of the inlaid mats mean that the logo never wears out, as a result, a striking Jaymart logo mat helps keep your whole office clean, and keeps it looking great.

However intricate your corporate identity may be, Jaymart’s sales team can help you to make the right impression first time.

We have pictured a small selection of logo mats that we have produced over the years, so you can feel confident in placing your trust in us to get it right.

For more information on Jaymart products go to:

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