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Economical and effortless answer to total wall hygiene

When hygiene really counts, CleanClad hygienic wall cladding from MP Plastic Building Products Ltd is an extremely effective and economical alternative to other cladding systems. Designed specifically for spaces that require high levels of hygiene, such as commercial kitchens, food preparation and storage areas, laboratories, food processing premises and wet areas, CleanClad is the modern and cost-effective substitute for hard-to-maintain stainless steel.

With hygienic wall cladding now a specification required in more than 80 per cent of new build projects as well as refurbishment programmes, CleanClad is a highly versatile product developers and business owners can trust. CleanClad uses a tried and tested PVC system that is less expensive than some alternatives, is quick and trouble-free to install and super easy to keep clinically clean. In areas that require regular two-stage and deep cleans, CleanClad is the effortless answer to total wall hygiene.

CleanClad can be bonded to most surfaces and is available in two sheet sizes and four thickness depths. As well as white, CleanClad also comes in a range of pastel and gloss colours – the ideal and smart wall hygiene solution for premises such as restaurants and areas that require a high visual impact. MP Plastic Building Products Ltd also supplies a complementary range of hygienic ceiling panels, flooring products and essential accessories such as corner joints, PVC skirting, edging and jointing strips, among others.

For laboratories, operating theatres and other areas that require the highest levels of hygiene, antimicrobial sheets, impregnated with an antimicrobial agent, are also available.

For more information about CleanClad and MP Plastic Building Products Ltd, visit: or call 0333 456 6708.

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