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Bring art to life – Fletco Carpets



The days of the traditional bland carpet may be over, says Fletco Carpets of Denmark.

Creativity of designers and the expressions of noble art are no longer restricted to canvas and sculpture.

– Bring it on, says Danish carpet manufacturer, Fletco Carpets; if you can think it we can print it!

– An extraordinary way of articulating carpets, says designer Sebastian Wrong of The Wrongshop in London. It’s fascinating that Fletco Carpets has the technology and capability to customize any concept. A carpet is no longer something that just blends into the background. It’s the artist’s canvas!

– Compare our textile printing technology to the 65000 color shades of an advanced inkjet printer, and you’ll know what it is, and what it’s able to do, Fletco Carpets CEO, Brian Jensen, says.

Though a skilled designer and sculptor of an extended CV, Sebastian Wrong’s common history with textile floors was non-existent when designer-friend Stefan Diez of Munich signed him up to design a section of the Flooring de Luxe event at this year’s floor trade show in Hannover, Domotex.

– As a designer I find that this textile printing technology brings endless new opportunities, which may be orchestrated in the total interior concept of walls, ceiling, and furniture, Sebastian Wrong explains. Vibrant colors and patterns are just one aspect; others are enhanced acoustics, a soft comfort and the total sensuous ambiance of the printed carpets. They’re playful, original, and customized. All are qualities destined for high demand in the future, says Wrong.


Dutch Stijlinstituut, Amsterdam, a leading designers’ agency, selected the Fletco inkjet printing technology for a trend-section at Heimtex 2013.

– Although rugs for specific interior decoration purposes have been around for ages, Fletco is taking the powerful decor one brilliant step further in their concept of wall-to-wall carpets, Anne Marie Commandeur of the Stijlinstituut points out. She calls the textile art print ‘very catchy’ and forebodes further areas of application than the outspoken aptitude for decoration.

– Optically the designs of carpets like these may enhance the perception of room dimensions and make them appear smaller – or bigger – than they actually are, Anne Marie Commandeur explains. In collaboration with a team of designers Stijlinstituut is dressing up a major part of the 1000 m2 trend section floor in Fletco prints for the Heimtex show in Frankfurt. The designs are inspired by contemporary natural, historical and decorative patterns.

– It’s innovative, it’s expressive, and it takes textile coverings to a new level, says CEO Anne Marie Commandeur, accentuating that the Fletco prints on Dupont Sonora® yarns are sustainable, too. Sonora® contains 37 pct. renewable organic natural starch fibers and comes with a backing of 60 pct. of recycled material.


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