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A world of inspiration with Antron carpet fibre

Invista is set to launch a reference book, The World of Antron®, that will provide inspiration to specifiers and designers by showcasing an array of projects around the globe that use Antron® carpet fibre as a vital ingredient.

As Neil Maguire, regional marketing manager, Invista, explains; “Antron® carpet fibre has long been synonymous with performance and durability. Providing those working in the design industry with a source of inspiration for future projects, The World of Antron® pays homage to the versatility of Antron® carpet fibre and the magnificent locations where it now plays a part.”

To be published as an easy-to-access digital book on Antron® websites worldwide, The World of Antron® will be regularly updated to ensure designers and specifiers can access images and details of the latest projects.

Fully interactive, the digital book will include links to a report of each project featured, giving those interested the full low-down on the reasons for choosing Antron® carpet fibre.

The World of Antron®  will also contain in-depth interviews with designers, discussing their view on carpet as a flooring solution in different commercial environments.

Ultimately, The World of Antron® will be a continuously updated online reference tool that is regionally focused to allow designers within a specific area to view projects near to them,” continues Neil Maguire. “With plans to also create a hardcopy book containing the most stunning installations using Antron® carpet fibre, we hope that The World of Antron® will become a must-visit source for designers working in the commercial arena.“

For further information contact Antron® carpet fibre on 0845 450 6434 or email [email protected]

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