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WoolSafe Carpet Inspectors experts in the flooring field

With thorough training, qualifications and professional backing from industry experts, WoolSafe Registered Carpet Inspectors are among the most highly trained independent consultants in the carpet care industry.
Retailers and manufacturers with a problematic carpet issue on their hands should waste no time in seeking the advice and expert knowledge of WoolSafe Registered Inspectors. Recruited from highly experienced industry professionals, WoolSafe Registered Inspectors complete in-depth training courses in correctly identifying faults be it with the carpet, installation or maintenance. They can carry out or commission carpet testing and write up fully comprehensive inspection reports.
Holding the full professional backing of The WoolSafe Organisation and Cleaning Research International, WoolSafe Registered Inspectors are endorsed particularly by Dr Eric Brown, a senior carpet inspector who has widely published the leading literature in carpet care, and still acts as an Expert Witness in highly specialised court cases internationally.
With comprehensive and in-depth training provided to WoolSafe Registered Inspectors as well as on-going professional support and resources, the WoolSafe name is synonymous with the best quality service and leading carpet care and advice in the industry.
Dr Agnes Zsednai, Managing Director, The WoolSafe Organisation, explains: “We firmly believe that our Registered Carpet Inspectors provide the best service in the industry because we invest heavily in training and make sure we keep up to date with research and the latest developments. With backing from the most qualified expert we would advise anyone with a carpet problem to immediately seek help from a WoolSafe professional.”
The nearest Registered Inspector can be accessed at
For further information on The WoolSafe Organisation and the services offered please call the dedicated helpline on 01943 850 817 or email [email protected]

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