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Winter is coming – remember your SCARF

Stacks of Quality Street and Roses are appearing in supermarkets to remind van users that Christmas is on its way. This means, according to The Fuelcard People, that it is time to start preparing for winter. Steve Clarke, group marketing manager, advised firms not to delay making plans.

“Anyone running vans needs to think ‘SCARF’ well before the first snowflake,” he said.

“S: See how much tread is on all your tires, remembering that you will need more grip in wintry conditions.”
“C: Check your tire pressures regularly, to ensure best grip and highest fuel efficiency.”
“A: Add antifreeze to radiators and reduce the dilution of screenwash, as necessary.”
“R: Remember to ensure that batteries are charged and in good condition.”
“F: Fuel consumption goes up in winter, so check that you really do have the best fuel card deal.”

He said that winter planning with SCARF represents common sense and should be followed by anyone whose business depends on a van.

“It is human nature to take things for granted, though,” he said. “Batteries, in particular, are rarely checked until they actually fail. With fuel cards, it is too easy to hope that the market has not changed and that last year’s good choice is still the best option.”

He invited van users to carry out a lightning review of their fuel card options by telephone. The Fuelcard People can offer discounts on every major brand, including supermarkets and motorway services, so can offer impartial guidance.

Steve Clarke said, “Just call The Fuelcard People and it will take moments either to confirm that you already have an unbeatable deal or to suggest something better. You have nothing to lose and can quickly cross off one of your winter SCARF checks.”

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