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WACKER Presents a Novel Dispersion for Fire Protection Coatings

WACKER Presents a Novel Dispersion for Fire Protection Coatings and a Silicone Resin Emulsion for Heat-Resistant Coatings

At the European Coatings Show (ECS) in Nuremberg from March 19 to 21, 2013, the Munich-based WACKER Group presents the novel polymer dispersion VINNAPAS® LL 3112 as an innovative binder for intumescent coatings. These special fire-protection coatings encase steel girders and, in the event of a fire, form a heat barrier for a limited time, allowing the load-bearing structures of a building to remain stable for longer. The new VINNAPAS® LL 3112 binder ensures significant foam development and foam stability coupled with improved adhesion and strength, ensuring that the protective layer remains firmly bonded to the substrate. WACKER also pre-sents SILRES® MPF 52E, a new silicone-resin emulsion for heat-resistant protective coatings, for example for machine parts, pipes or ovens. The water-based product allows low-solvent or even completely solvent-free coatings to be formulated and thus permits manufacturers to produce climate-friendly binder sys-tems that do not require classification as hazardous substances.
A highlight of this year’s ECS is the unveiling of the new VINNAPAS® LL 3112 dispersion, a binder for intumescent coatings. These special fire protection coatings encase steel girders and swell (intumesce) in the event of a fire, thus delaying the melting or warping of the building’s supporting structure. The coating is usually applied one to four millimeter thick and, when subject to heat, foams to tens to hundreds of times its original thickness. Because of the extremely low thermal conductivity of the foam layer that is produced, the temperature in the interior of the coating increases only slowly, so that the steel girders are protected against the heat of the fire for a defined time, and thus retain their strength for longer.
The new VINNAPAS® LL 3112 based on vinyl acetate-ethylene-vinyl ester copolymers, shows particularly pronounced foaming and ex-pansion, and long-term foam stability. At the same time, the adhesion and strength of the intumescent coatings are improved, so that the protective layer firmly adheres to the substrate and forms a heat bar-rier for a limited time. Without the binder, the foam layer would be too brittle and would have inadequate adhesion to the steel substrate, and thus would not be able to function as an insulating layer. Depend-ing on the formulation, the new VINNAPAS® LL 3112 now allows highly fire-resistant coatings with fire resistance class F120 to be achieved (heat protection for up to 120 minutes). Moreover, the wa-ter-based binder is free of organic solvents or additives, such as plas-ticizers, and is manufactured without the use of alkylphenolethoxy-lates (APEO)-containing materials.
Heat Protection with SILRES® MPF 52E
Another product innovation at ECS 2013 is WACKER’s new binder component for heat-resistant coatings. SILRES® MPF 52E consists of an alkoxy-functional silicone resin emulsion that significantly improves the heat resistance of binders. Unlike existing paint systems, which are classified as dangerous chemicals because of their solvent con-tent, this is a water-based emulsion which permits low-solvent or even solvent-free surface coating systems to be formulated. Manufac-turers of heat-resistant coatings thus, for the first time ever, have available a climate-friendly binder system that is not classified as a hazardous substance.
SILRES® MPF 52E can be used as either an additive or a binder. For modifying organic polymers, binders formulated with the new silicone resin emulsion achieve heat resistance up to 200 degrees Celsius. When used as a binder in, for example, aluminum coatings, the coat-ed material can even be processed at up to 500 degrees Celsius. SILRES® MPF 52E also imparts excellent hot-hardness to coatings, i.e. excellent scratch resistance and hardness at elevated tempera-tures.
Heat-resistant coatings formulated with SILRES® MPF 52E can be used in many industries, such as coatings on pipes, and plant or ma-chine parts. Furthermore, the new binder components are also suit-able for coating pots, pans, water boilers or ovens, which must also withstand elevated temperatures.
Visit WACKER at the European Coatings Show 2013 in Hall 1, Booth 1-510.

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