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Viola Communications by Ege Carpets

For Viola Communications in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, ege has helped transforming a typical workplace with rooms and corridors into a fluid, informal and interactive space. In this new and innovative setting, relationships between users are set to be a priority along with the challenge of mixing the local taste with a modern design interpretation.

Customised carpets

Several different themes are used to give a distinctive character to each space, always making sure all areas are blending nicely together and following the same design concept. The main entrance is inspired by a metro station, where a customised carpet illustrating a colourful metro map connects visitors to introductory screen-boards with engaging presentations of the five departments (advertising, public relations, events, producers and outdoor).

The recreational area takes shape from the reinterpretation of the world-famous Tetris, an icon of the 80’s video gaming industry and its bright colours.

Seamless effect and unique design

“Most of the materials, fixtures and furniture are custom made and each piece is unique as even the themes that look similar or repeated are in fact different from each other in most cases,” Lorenzo Zoli, Managing Director at M+N Architecture, explains and continues: “In this respect, the collaboration with ege has played a major role as it allowed the designers to create a 500 m2 wall-to-wall carpet with seamless effect and unique design.” Lorenzo Zoli further states: “The flexibility provided by ege’s manufacturing process made it possible to create non-repetitive designs which were fixed on the floor as well as on the walls and ceilings, creating a very peculiar office look as well as enhanced acoustic performances.”


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