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Meet Håkan Thysell, the founder of HTC Sweden and also the great mind behind the chemical free cleaning solution Twister™. During the 70’s and 80’s Håkan Thysell was running a successful cleaning company in Sweden. However, as a true inventor he never was really satisfied with the cleaning results and the time required to maintain floors, especially stone floors.

He came to the conclusion that instead of continue to clean a worn down stone floor, it was better to renovate the floor and create a new, easy to clean, surface before proceeding to daily maintenance. HTC Sweden was now established and since 1990 it has grown to become the world-leading provider of floor grinding equipment. Before the birth of Twister™, Thysell and HTC have also brought other major flooring solutions like HTC Superfloor™ – polished concrete, to the world.

So what about Twister™? Well, one of the problems identified by Håkan was the deterioration of floors when cleaned with traditional techniques and chemicals. This also occurred on HTC Superfloor™. In the middle of a dark, January night back in 2005 Håkan Thysell woke up with an idea that later that year was launched under the name of Twister™. Instead of chemical based floor cleaning Thysell had invented a way to mechanically clean and at the same time polish the floor using only water and diamond impregnated pads. And on top of it all, the result was better than any existing method and was suitable for basically all types of floors.

A lot of testing and third party verification of the Twister™ system on different types of floors in accordance with the world leading floor manufacturers were performed in the next couple of months and the system was fine tuned with performance and durability in focus. The international launch of Twister™ was done at the ISSA show in Amsterdam 2006, but even if the interest from the market was huge, it took some time for the sales to really take off.

“I realized that changing old habits takes time but I think the cleaning industry finally is about to change,” Thysell says. “The value for cleaning contractors by setting a new standard and use Twister™ as the daily floor cleaning system is huge, both for themselves and for their customers. Why would anyone today clean their floor using chemicals when you can get a far better result with Twister™ and water? It doesn’t make any sense.”

So what does the future hold for Twister™? Many of the world’s largest cleaning contractors, retail chains, hospitals and other businesses already today use Twister™ in their daily cleaning. In the future, environmental sustainability as a result of floor cleaning will only become even more important.

“The environmental benefits can never replace the cleanliness and shine of a beautiful floor, but when you can get all advantages in one and the same product you have a winner. The next couple of years I believe we will see an extreme increase of companies implementing Twister™ in their businesses. It is inevitable. The trend is clear and HTC stands well prepared meeting the future demands.” Håkan Thysell concludes.

With more than one million sold Twister™ pads and continuous, rapid growth through own subsidiaries and through distributors in more than 60 countries, Twister™ sets a new standard for daily floor maintenance and is becoming the number one choice for professional cleaning contractors as well as for their customers – the floor owners.


Where to buy Twister

To purchase Twisterpads 

please see the list of  distributors at  www.htc-twister.com/partners

If there is no distributor  covering your territory, please contact HTC for more information.


HTC Floor Systems Ltd.

Phone +44 (0) 845 460 2500

E-mail [email protected]


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