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Tread quietly with acoustic underlays from Floorwise

No wood or laminate flooring installation is complete without acoustic underlays, and Floorwise is once again silencing the competition with its range of specialist underlays that deliver proven sound-deadening results.

Eye-catching redesigned packaging allows for easy comparison across the ranges, and it is simple for fitters and installers to quickly select the right Floorwise underlay for specific jobs as the new packaging incorporates an easy-to read 4 in 1 hanging sample.

Specially engineered to reduce the excess sound created by noisy wood and laminate floors, the acoustic underlays from Floorwise are available in a range of thicknesses and materials to ensure that there is an option to suit all projects.

Offering a cost-effective solution to combating impact sound, The Whisper underlay collection is created from PE foam and is available in a range of qualities, Whisper, Whisper Plus, Whisper Green Barrier and Whisper Gold. Each provides differing levels of sound absorption, ranging from 18dB to 20dB, as well as varying levels of cushioned support as you go across the range. At the top end of this collection sits Whisper Gold, which is ideal for installers looking for foam underlay that offers premium benefits. With a superior 5mm thickness that counteracts floor imperfections and a built-in water-vapour barrier, Whisper Gold also offers good airborne sound resistance for a truly all-in-one product.

Floorwise Acoustica is an enhanced range of underlays created from dense rubber sponge to significantly reduce both impact and airborne noise. Varying in thickness from 2mm to 4.2mm, Acoustica is available in a choice of qualities, including Silver, Gold, Good, Better and Best. Providing between 22dB and 27dB of impact sound resistance, Acoustica underlays have been rigorously tested in accordance with the EPLF’s independent SONE measurement, which calculates the sound-absorbing properties of underlay. Acoustica underlays were proven to offer superior sound reduction when compared with other laminate acoustic products widely sold to the market.

Offering an impressive 22dB of impact sound reduction, Acoustica Fibreboard is a great option for installations that require a quick and easy-to-lay acoustic substrate. Light and easy to handle, Acoustica Fibreboard is brilliant for using over very uneven base floors, and it will level out any gaps and imperfections for a smooth laying surface. It’s also a great option for environmentally conscious projects as it can be recycled after use.

For further information on acoustic underlay and other great flooring products contact Floorwise on 01509 673974, visit or email [email protected]

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