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Thoughtful Flooring: Choosing the Optimal Floor for Your Business Needs

When selecting which type of flooring your business may require, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of believing a company’s self congratulatory hype. Whilst it is, of course, important to hear a company’s stance on their delivery of quality, lead time, or even previous clients, you need to consider what is best for you and, most importantly, your premises.

Certain industry professionals may be able to spot the flaws in flooring before the first bit of cement meets the sand and gravel, but this experience isn’t always present; it’s an expensive mistake to make to have to re-screed a whole warehouse or repaint a car park, so don’t find yourself having that tail-between-the-legs discussion with your staff or management.


The first and most obvious consideration to make would be the purpose of your future flooring, for example, how heavy-duty it may need to be. Resin flooring is excellent for putting up with the enemy corrosive elements that may attempt at snacking away at your shiny new floor, where as basic concrete floors can have a tendency to crack and take the hit somewhat harder from chemicals than resin flooring. On the other hand they have a level of versatility and a longevity that make it a viable option for an industrial setting. Conversely, food industry professionals will feel the benefit of waterproof, easy-to-clean tiling or a vinyl finish. Either way, weigh up your needs and discuss them thoroughly with your flooring expert; this will allow you to consider the options available to you and make sure that there aren’t any avenues that you haven’t considered.


The environment for which your flooring will be housed is arguably the greatest durability indicator. If your terrain is going to become a thoroughfare for a whole range of industrial machinery, you probably won’t want a beautiful wooden parquet finish; equally, if style is your thing, non-slip epoxy resin might be a little O.T.T. This may well be an obvious point to labour, but getting caught up in being told what is best for you is all too easy of a mistake to make… and one you may end up regretting.


Hard-hatted elephant in the room here, but safety is absolutely key in whichever industry you work in. Choosing the wrong floor could lead to unnecessary accidents for you, your staff or your customers. If at any time you have to refit the floor of your business you are essentially losing the use of your premises. That, of course, means a loss of money; be that for one day or one week, if you were to pick the wrong flooring, that’s an avoidable amount of time that your company needn’t be out of action.


The best advice that can be offered with regards to selecting your optimal flooring is to prepare, prepare, and prepare some more. You’ll want to prime yourself for what you need to discuss with your chosen flooring expert and also make sure the floor is appropriately prepped prior to laying down the foundations. With regards to the latter, any self-respecting flooring company will do this as part of the service, but failure to undertake this will result in the rapid deterioration of your flooring, making it both unsafe and unsuitable.

And with the former, ask your chosen flooring expert to explain what they will be undertaking, to guarantee your flooring will be starting its life resting on the shoulder of carefully prepped foundations. Also, find out the options available to you; you certainly don’t want to skimp on your flooring, as this will become immediately obvious and cost more in the long run, equally don’t find yourself being ripped off. Research your needs and, as discussed, find out the options available to you.

Your floor, safety record and wallet will thank you.

PSR Industrial Flooring has over 15 years’ experience as professional industrial contractors, working alongside both small organisations and global brands.

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