The Solid Gear Safety Shoe That Will Put A Real Spring In Your Step!

Introducing the 'Revolution Infinity' safety shoe from Solid Gear

Just as you’ll find in the leading sports trainers, there’s endless cushioning and comfort which has until now, been difficult to get in safety shoes.

But with Solid Gear’s Revolution Infinity it really is possible, with a ‘bounce back’ mid-sole which gives a 55% ‘energy return’ that will put a real spring in your step to reduce fatigue and stress on your back, legs and feet.

The shoe’s stretchable upper with Cordura is water-resistant with amazing performance when it comes to breathability, fit and flexibility.

What’s more, It has a non-slip sole and a composite midsole. It also has a heel counter for foot stability.

These shoes also come with Solid Gear’s newly developed nano toe-cap.

It’s 40% stronger than fiberglass, lighter than other materials and thinner than other non-metallic toe-caps.

To get more information, visit the website at alternatively, call the Helpline on 01484 854788.

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