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The Amazing Shark Ninja DuoClean Reviewed

What we say…

As a big fan of another well-known vacuum cleaner, I was keen to try out the Shark as it has quickly become very popular in the household with some excellent reviews and I wanted to see if it surpassed all expectations. 

We were sent the Shark Duoclean Cordless with Flexology (IF250UKT) for review and from the moment it arrived I was impressed! Compared to my other vacuum, at first I thought it was a little on the heavy side but this was not a problem for me, in fact, it feels more robust and well constructed and I quickly got used to it.

The Shark Duoclean being cordless means no lead to hinder you whilst vacuuming. It is really easy to use, with an LED light that really helps the cleaning job.


This is so powerful and the sweeper just runs away gliding along effortlessly enabling you to get under furniture and with touch-sensitive buttons to change from carpet to hard floor.

Supplying 2 batteries is a bonus – one can charge on a docking station while the other is in use but to be honest the battery lasts so long it certainly didn’t need replacing whilst cleaning my 3 bedroom detached house from top to bottom. 

I love the flexibility of using an upright cordless vacuum or taking off the top section to convert to handheld and the bag of tools are a real bonus meaning I can also clean sofas and furniture, skirting, stairs, curtains, blinds, inside of my car, in fact, everything! With full power or reduced power settings, it was effective at picking up and cleaning everything.

The suction is brilliant and very easy to attach the tools. Emptying the dirt compartment could also not be simpler.

With just a press of a button, everything which has been sucked up is gone without worrying about mess going everywhere.

Cleaning the filters and removing the hair from the rollers is easy.

This Shark is great on Pet hair and I saw the difference on my carpet/hard floors immediately.

In fact, the power is so great, my carpets actually looked like they’d been cleaned and not vacuumed.

If you have limited storage space the Shark Duoclean is perfect as with the click of a button it folds in half and can be tucked neatly in a corner or cupboard or under the stairs without any attachment to a wall.

Overall, this is a very good machine, if not excellent.  As stated previously, the machine is well built and comes with a five-year guarantee.

The cleaning is marvellous and as it folds in half, and is easy to carry upstairs as a vacuum, or detached as a handheld. 



  • Powerful, great suction
  • Good looking robust vacuum cleaner
  • Cordless
  • The option of small upright vacuum or handheld 
  • User-friendly with options of power settings
  • Flexible enough to get under furniture and moves around easily. 
  • Touch sensitive buttons to change from different floor types 2 batteries in the pack is a great idea, one on the charge, one in use. 


  • The hoover is very top heavy, light on the bottom
  • One could say the dirt compartment was a little on the small side meaning emptying more frequently but the positives by far weigh out the negatives.
  • I love this little powerful vacuum cleaner, it makes vacuuming a pleasure! 
Shark-Ninja Duo
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