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The Amazing ASB Glass Floor system – LED Flooring

Glass Floor by ASB – Introduction

ASB is known for its innovations and sustainable design in the world of sport and has already revolutionised the squash sport.

All of this experience and in-depth knowledge of the high-quality materials used are incorporated into the most modern flooring system currently on the market.

ASB Glass floorASB, short for “Aluminum System Bau”, was founded in 1965. The company has always insisted on high-value creation through quality and intelligent design.

ASB is a significant development partner of the leading squash world associations and has given the sport several groundbreaking innovations.

As the world’s leading provider of squash courts, ASB knows all the requirements placed on high-ranking sports facilities.

The Glass Floors

Over the past ten years, ASB has taken their innovative technology further and has developed a futuristic flooring system called ‘ASB GlassFloor’.

The company has created two different glass-based flooring products: The ASB MultiSports and the ASB LumiFlex.

Designed to be highly versatile, the ASB MultiSports’ surface has two treated glass panels that are held together by a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) safety layer.

With the touch of the control panel, LED marking lines for a whole variety of professional sports can be used to change the layout of the court and the play-lines-transforming the court from, say, basketball to badminton at the push of a button.

Glass-Flooring-5-aside-footballASB MultiSports can be used both outdoors and indoors and has been designed to be applied for nearly any sport.

Meanwhile, ASB LumiFlex is a full video floor, offering a whole spectrum of opportunities from displaying scores and statistics to commercial use during breaks in play.

The entire floor space is a multi-functional monitor which was designed to transform any space into a visual experience.

Its patented glass surface is one of the most innovative flooring surfaces ever made and can be used for a variety of solutions.

The full video floor has already been used for exhibitions, retail, high-end sporting events, personal training applications, marketing stunts and permanent installations in highly frequented areas.

It continues to stun spectators.

About ASB’s glass flooring systems

The strict performance criteria for both sports floors are not only met but even exceeded.

The dominant performance criteria for testing according to the EN 14904 are shock absorption, ball rebound, slip resistance, vertical deformation and behaviour under a rolling load.

Both systems fulfil and exceed these demands for an official and professional sports floor.

Moreover, the GlassFloors gained accreditation by the major sports organisations such as FIBA (the International Basketball Federation), IHF (the International Handball Federation) and WSF (the World Squash Federation).

Glass is in general perceived as something that is used for see-through purposes, and it is always assumed that glass is slippery and reflective.

Modern technology allows ASB to use a type of glass that is chemically etched and appears matt as well as it does not show any scratches.

Not only does the GlassFloor offer an all-around unique visual experience, but it is a floor which is truly designed for the players and their maximum performance.

The GlassFloor is one of the healthiest playing surfaces available: burning ceramic dots into the glass allows ASB to change the sliding characteristics and create the ideal grip for the sports floor.

An interesting fact is that the ASB GlassFloor glass is 2.5 times more elastic than a wooden floorboard.

Why choose the ASB GlassFloor?

One significant aspect that helps the development of the product around the globe is that more and more sports require single fields to be televised.

Also, modern arenas are becoming more and more multifunctional, hosting more than sports events, i.e. concerts, workshop events, fairs etc.; this usually requires the sports floor to be removed or protected.

Glass-Floor BadmintonThis is not necessary on a GlassFloor.

In addition, investments made in the building sector are today often made with an extended lifetime in mind.

With an expected lifetime of 70 years, the ASB GlassFloor is an excellent and sustainable long-term investment.

What’s next?

Interactive surfaces are currently the innovation most in focus, and a promising series of products and solutions can be created through interactive solutions.

But this is by far not the end. ASB envisions their products in future public spaces, airports, galleries, spa areas and many more places that can be enhanced through our technological solutions.


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