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Flooring tile trends to look out for

The use of naturally inspired tile has gathered momentum over the past few years, but in 2018 we are set to see this trend develop even further.

There is a multitude of material-themed effect tiles such as concrete, limestone and even marble.

Those looking to create a unique standout effect can add a touch of creativity and mix and match the different natural themed tiles.

The use of metallic styles tiles is an exciting trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

A unique and versatile medium, you can find tiles that replicate almost every different type of material.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that designers are choosing tiles to create metal effect floor and wall schemes.

Not only are we seeing many recently introduced ranges inspired by precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze, but there is also proving to be a huge demand for more rustic interpretations of metal, such as worn and weathered iron, copper and steel coloured tiles, which will suit an aesthetic inspired by urban and industrial trends.

Guaranteed to demand the attention of a room, 3D tiles will be a trend certain to take 2018 by storm.

Available for both floors and walls, 3D tiles bring an elegant touch with limited effort.

A fantastic advantage of using these tiles is the wide range of sizes and patterns available including herringbone, hexagonal and triangular.

This allows architects and designers the freedom to use a single colour, mix and match different colours, create repeated patterns or even mix and match different finishes to create an endless amount of unique designs.

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