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Strategic Five Marketing achieve success by understanding failure

Strategic Five Marketing achieve success by understanding failure

In today’s economical climate, everyone wants to know how they can be successful in business and in life. Ben Lambert at Strategic Five Marketing explains that it is important to look at what creates failure in order to achieve success

With 4.8 million small businesses in the UK (Federation of Small Businesses), the competition in today’s marketplace forces business owners to stand out of the crowd. “It is not just about the product you sell or the degree someone has achieved”, says Ben Lambert, entrepreneur and managing director at Strategic Five Marketing. Ben Lambert continues: “Nowadays, personal qualities are crucial and someone’s personality or attitude or even the language people use may determine success or failure.” According to an article by Geoffrey James, published on, there are five words that show up more frequently in the conversation of losers than in discussions of successful people.

As said by James, the five words which may lead to failure are Luck, Enemy, Rejection, Hate and But. “All five words sound very negative and express a good amount of fear, frustration and having no confidence in oneself, in a vision or in others”, says Ben Lambert at Strategic Five Marketing. Believing in luck means that there is no control about the outcome of a certain situation. “Business is not a poker game”, explains Ben Lambert at Strategic Five Marketing. “As a business owner opportunities and risks need to be taken into consideration when estimating the outcome of a decision”, continues Ben Lambert. Unforeseen events may affect the outcome; but it should not be an excuse for failure, explained as having bad luck.

The second word losers often use, having enemies, kills business opportunities. Ben Lambert at Strategic Five Marketing shares James’ opinion that there are no enemies in business, there are competitors. “And competitors”, explains Ben Lambert, “are an opportunity to develop further by having the goal to be more creative and more successful than others in today’s marketplace.” Some business owners seem to generally refuse to listen to new ideas and might fail to discover new opportunities. Seen from another perspective, James adds in his article in regards to the word Rejection, that if someone does not like someone else’s idea, it is better to understand two persons’ desires did not match, rather than feeling miserable by telling others that the opinion was rejected.

“I cannot remember when I last used the word Hate”, says Ben Lambert at Strategic Five Marketing. “It has such negativity. I have met business men”, continues Ben Lambert, “who frequently use it in sentences like ‘I hate my job’ or ‘I hate getting up early’.” Hate creates sickness, says James. How can someone be successful by hating everyone and everything? But there is a word which may be even more discouraging. ‘This is a great idea, but…’ Ben Lambert at Strategic Five Marketing says: “There are some people who can absolutely not adapt to new ideas, because they might need to get out of their comfort zone.” James’ suggestion is to replace the word ‘but’ with ‘and’.

Nowadays, people like to talk about success; however without knowing what creates failure, it may be difficult to achieve success. “It is all about the right approach”, says Ben Lambert at Strategic Five Marketing. Being positive and using actual figures to plan your business rather than waiting for some luck to happen is all it takes. Ben Lambert is a successful entrepreneur and business owner of Strategic Five Marketing, a direct sales and marketing company based in Birmingham, who has evolved and developed his business over the last 3 years. “It is amazing what you can achieve by being optimistic and keeping a great attitude towards yourself and others around you.” In Ben Lambert’s opinion, running a successful business should be a pleasure, not a pain. It means continuously looking for new opportunities to come.

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