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Small Firms Want to Reduce Energy Bills

Small firms want to reduce energy bills by becoming more energy efficient but lack the support to do so, according to research by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

The survey of FSB members shows that 78% say saving money is a motivation behind becoming more energy efficient.

Over half (58%) have already taken steps to reduce energy consumption such as using energy efficient lighting or equipment.

Despite this, the research found that many firms face barriers to energy efficiency including:

  • not owning business premises (45%)
  • a shortage of funds (29%)
  • not understanding what is available (20%).

FSB members also suggested ways to encourage business to become more energy efficient.

These include:

  • enhanced tax relief 
  • energy suppliers giving greater support on how to consume less energy
  • longer energy contracts in return for improved support and advice from energy companies. 

John Allan, national chairman of the FSB said:

“There are several initiatives in place to help businesses become energy efficient, including the Green Deal. But government and energy companies need to do more to understand the different circumstances and motivations of small businesses to help promote further action on energy efficiency.

“Most small businesses are on fixed term energy contracts, with a quarter on domestic tariffs. We want to see energy companies and government come forward with innovative and targeted initiatives which reflect the diverse nature of small firms, and helping to reduce their consumption.”

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