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Shoe In Pro in Vogue and GQ

It’s not very often you see work wear being part of a high end fashion shoot but Shoe In Pro overshoes feature as an accessory in Cottweiler’s Autumn and Winter 2016 collection.  The fashion shoot took place earlier in the month and the collection is now being shown in both Vogue and GQ.

Cottweiler are a forward thinking menswear label designing sports and leisure wear with an emphasis on luxury and quality of both the materials used and in the design and cut of their clothing. Their collections are stocked worldwide.  Each collection has a theme and the Autumn Winter 2016 is no exception.  Matthew Dainty, co-owner of Cottweiler, explained that they have chosen an agricultural/construction basis to present their latest creations and he thought the Shoe In Pro overshoes where a perfect accessory.  

“It’s an unusual request, “ said Karen Kennedy of Shoe In Pro UK, “ and a far cry from the construction sites where you would normally see the shoes.  But in a strange way this is exactly what they are about, covering and protecting expensive footwear, particularly the new Gripper shoe with its generic applications.”

The rubber sole of the Gripper is designed to keep floors clean indoors or boots clean outdoors whilst providing a non-slip grip.  They are the same kick on/kick off design as the rest of the Shoe In Pro range, making them easy to wear and leaving hands free to open doors and carry tools and equipment.  Truly versatile they can be used by contractors between the van and a customer back door, a surveyor or architect on a muddy site or even at home to do the garden or take the rubbish out to the bin.

The popularity of the Gripper has also seen the range included the new smaller shoe size to fit UK size 7 and under. Many ladies liked the Gripper but were finding the Medium size too big to be comfortable. A huge seller to both the domestic and commercial markets in the US, Shoe In Pro Gripper are now available here in the UK and Europe.



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