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Set to impress in Shropshire with Schlüter-Systems

Tucked away in a beautiful town in Shropshire, overlooking the River Severn, sits a newly built three story residential property. The home consists of several impressive features, including a cinema room, the open plan kitchen with its feature island which sits at approximately 6m long, and a home spa.

Each of the five bedrooms benefit from large open plan ensuite bathrooms, with individual designs and colour schemes giving them all their own unique look. A total of seven bathrooms have been installed, including a swimming pool changing area.

A range of Schlüter products have been used, not just in the bathrooms, but throughout the home, from tile edge protecting trims, to shower drainage and waterproofing.

To provide simple level access in the bathrooms, Schlüter’s KERDI-LINE-G3 linear drain has been used. The drain has a low height build-up of just 78mm, making it the ideal solution where there are more restrictive height requirements. The chosen channel cover for the KERDI-LINE-G3 drains were KERDI-LINE-D-G3, a frameless cover which allows for the tile to be integrated into the shower drain, making it a seamless and near invisible and enhancing the aesthetic appeal. 

To complement the use of Schlüter’s linear drains, the preformed shower tray, KERDI-SHOWER-LTS creates the necessary shower fall. Combined, the KERDI-LINE-G3 and KERDI-SHOWER-LTS are the ideal pairing for creating a shower that has a flush transition between the shower area and rest of the bathroom. They are specifically designed to work together to create simplified shower drainage and meet high performance requirements.

Focusing on the importance of using the right products for a lasting installation of the shower areas, the KERDI range provides the necessary waterproofing to give the carefully chosen tiles a solid foundation for the years to come. 

What has been a real focal point for this project, is the way several of Schlüter’s tile profiles (also known as trims) have been incorporated. In total, a combination of four different types of trim have been used, in a variety of finishes, each providing a different aesthetic that compliments the tile and overall design of the room. 

Tile edge protection trims in the form of FINEC and JOLLY create a beautiful contrast to the chosen tile, whilst protecting the edges from chipping and cracks to increase the longevity whilst maintaining a beautiful appearance. 

The tiling contractor for this build has exceeded the owner’s expectations with his work. Intricate details such as the use of a three-way corner point, where Schlüter-FINEC was used have really impressed the homeowners, who commented on how much they admired the appearance of this intricate detail. 

VINPRO has also been used as a transition profile between differing floor coverings. The use of this type of profile being especially important where there may be floor coverings of different heights or materials. Whilst the use of Schlüter-TREP on the stairs in the spa area, and to the outside of the property, creates safe and visibly contrasted edge protection.

Attention to detail has been a key aspect of this build throughout, and both the homeowners were keen to ensure the products used were going to match their exact requirements, both functionally and aesthetically. 

First reaching out to Paul Jackson, the local Area Specification Consultant, for advice on tile trim back in May 2022 and since then, exploring other products that could be incorporated. 

Of Paul’s ongoing support and advice, the homeowner comments: “We love your product and you’ve been very helpful from the beginning. There was nothing you couldn’t do for us”.

It was apparent that ensuring the best possible result for the protection and longevity of the tile installations was a key focus for the homeowners, who were making this dream home one they could live in for a long time.

For further information, call 01530 813396 or visit

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