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SENCORABLES LLC inks a deal with Tom Gondi

SENCORABLES LLC, a developer of unique IoT products, has agreed with Tom Gondi to manage its independent subsidiary “ISM LLC” specialized in marketing & sales of Industrial SencormatsTM.

The deal will bring Tom’s expertise into helping shape sales and marketing of Sencorables its Industrial SencormatsTM, that feature its unique and fundamentally different way of sensing.

 “It’s the next logical step for Sencorables and perfectly fits our vision to in close cooperation with specialized partners develop unique products for specific market segments based on our technology. With the Industrial SencormatsTM severely tested and software development nearing completion it is time to start marketing and sales of this unique product. For Sencorables there is no better way than doing so through an independent subsidiary with a partner as knowledgably about industrial environments as Tom, and let the new company run its own course” said Willem Biesheuvel, CEO.

 “I am truly excited about our joining ISM and to be able to introduce, market and sell these unique Industrial SencormatsTM. Being able to detect presence, movement, and direction of people and objects in real-time opens up endless possibilities and applications in warehouses and industrial plants. ISM will promote and generate sales but will, in line with Sencorables vision of creating meaningful partnerships, offer the technology to those industrial mat manufacturers willing to partner with us. We intend to disrupt the industrial mat market with our technology but not necessarily the existing players and manufacturers” said Tom Gondi

SencorfloorsTM and SencormatsTM are SENCORABLES flagship products. The fundamentally different way of sensing enables us to use the floor as a competitive sensor for the first time at a much lower cost than competing technologies. The data generated is more accurate and comprehensive than other sources and can replace many sensors currently in use. The floor, the most natural source, can act as the central data input for security, home, building and industrial automation systems.

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