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Rossato Home Collection by Hangar Design Group

Masterpieces of Elegance

Hangar Design Group signs a new collection of exclusive pieces of furniture for Rossato, an authoritative reference in the international contract sector.

Making one thing clear: Home Collection is meant for luxury hotels as well as for the most elegant homes.

The brand new Home Collection by Hangar Design Group nods to the early XXth century, recalling the years in which modern design took shape in a series of chairs, armchairs, tables, benches, mirrors and séparé whose fil rouge consists of precious material, rigorous lines, a balance of juxtapositions, formal and chromatic perfection.

Marbles, fine fabrics and exotic essences such as ebony characterise these furnishings as unique pieces that alone can enhance any architectural space.

Elegance, lightness, perfect alternation of full and empty spaces, the apparent simplicity of language are the leitmotif of this collection that blends tradition and contemporaneity, featuring decorative solutions of great appeal that are suitable for both residential homes and luxury hotels.

Alberto Bovo, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Hangar Design Group, sums up the philosophy that lies behind this collection: “The original combination of different materials, together with the use of balanced proportions and volumes, gives personality and formal rigour to timeless pieces of furniture”.

ROSSATO Collection As for all Rossato’s products, Home Collection shares the values of a careful choice of the best and most exclusive materials, an unmistakable artisanal touch, a constant search for beauty, an extraordinary craftsmanship, a visible link to the Venetian roots with their unique artistic heritage, the utmost attention to details.

Among these new pieces of furniture, the Victoria Armchair takes the spotlight anyplace, covered with selected leather or refined velvet.

The Gramercy Poufs, in three different sizes that can be mixed, are unique thanks to the traditional padded top – covered with exclusive pastel-shade suede leather – that rests on an unusual golden, burnished metal or steel base.

The Stuart Dining table catches the eye for the richness of its materials – black marble with rose-coloured veinings and brushed brass – and the stylistic perfection reached through sculpted lines and light volumes.

The Empire Screen has a special appeal thanks to its extreme uniqueness, centred on a precious stone, marble, wood and metal mosaic that unfolds unexpectedly to define even better any living space.

Rossato is a unique expression of the best Made in Italy in the design field.

Founded in 1969, this family-run company boasts a long and valuable experience while being constantly able to innovate and move forward.

The story started in 1969, when Antonio Rossato bought a carpenter’s shop in Casalserugo, near Padua, establishing Rossato Arredamenti, a company specialising in made to measure furnishings for private and public areas such as theatres, museums, stores, hotels, villas and cruise ships.

It was clear from the beginning that two main features would have turned Rossato into one of the leading manufacturers in this field: flexibility in managing any order customization and an attitude to overcome the constraints of thinking traditionally in terms of territoriality.

It was this international inclination that allowed Rossato not to set limits in choosing and identifying the markets or the projects to face, working for important brands such as Armani, Ferrari, Illy and many others.

The Rossato manufacturing process is based on the union of two essential principles: craftsmanship and automation, always with a tailor-made attitude.

Rossato works alongside architects and designers in the choice of raw materials and building systems to help fulfil their most ambitious creative intentions: from wood to glass, from metals to fabrics, from stones to resins.

Hangar Design Group is an award-winning multidisciplinary practice composed of an international group of professionals, dedicated to creating powerful brand experiences through design and communication.

Since its establishment in 1980, Hangar Design Group has balanced a steadfast commitment to design quality, creative ability and efficient delivery to achieve a portfolio that includes retail/commercial spaces, new products, brand identities, communication tools, exhibition sets, and digital environments.

The headquarters of Hangar Design Group is based in Italy, between Venice and Treviso.

Its branches are located in Milan, Shanghai and New York. Such international vocation confers a real worldwide vision and a strong organisational capacity that allows the studio to operate with speed and flexibility.

Thanks to the different skills of a widely diverse network of collaborators – ranging from pure design creativity to the most strategic branding activities.

Hangar Design Group contributes to building strong and articulated branding projects, founded on the idea that design, seen as a strategic tool, is closely linked to all corporate communications activities.

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