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Ronafix Pre-packed Screed at Sussex College

South Court is a Grade II Listed Building owned by Sidney Sussex College, part of the Univerisity of Cambridge.  Building Surveyors and Architects Pleasance Hookham and Nix Limited were commissioned to refurbish the property and part of the work required re-waterproofing of the first floor terrace.  The terrace provides access to student accommodation and waterproofing to the rear of the shop units below.

Pleasance Hookham and Nix Limited specified Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm to be laid to falls to provide drainage to the new terrace construction, which was to be waterproofed with mastic asphalt and finished with a tiled surface, providing protection to the existing structure below.   Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm is designed to be laid as a thin bonded screed and has very low permeability, high strength and negligible shrinkage.  All components of Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm are pre-measured in Ronacrete’s factory, giving assurance to the specifier that the screed will perform as expected.

Pleasance Hookham and Nix Limited appointed Cocksedge Building Contractors Limited to carry out the works.  The concrete deck was prepared in accordance with Ronacrete’s recommendations and primed with Ronacrete Standard Primer before Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm was laid to falls on the freshly applied primer.  Early application of the asphalt waterproofing was possible because Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm dries faster than traditional sand and cement screeds, reducing the delay between application of the screed and waterproofing.

Ronacrete products meet British Standards wherever possible or have BBA Certification. The Ronafix in Ronafix Mix A (on which Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm is based) carries BBA certification. Ronacrete holds ISO 9001 certification and quality is assessed to that level.

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