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Rodolfo Comerio & Alfatherm – An Outstanding Italian Marriage

When mechanics gives life to design and an outstanding product is developed and exported worldwide. In Milan on last 4th April, 2017 the first date of “ii Fuorisalone di Alfatherm” was held. Alfatherm is the world leading Italian company for the thermoplastics rigid, semi-rigid and laminated films processing.

Rodolfo Comerio srl, the historical supplier of the calendering lines used by Alfatherm to manufacture its superior products, did not miss this important event.

It is indeed thanks to the constant and excellent synergy between the two companies that both could reach very high quality and production levels: Rodolfo Comerio concerning the production of calendering lines, laminating and embossing lines of thermoplastics for coating and ennobling furniture and LVT floorings; Alfatherm concerning the production of thermoplastics films, now mainly focused on interior design and street furniture.

Alfatherm by pushing its innovation became one of the most relevant companies in the industry of surfaces decoration; a landmark for the main furniture panel manufacturers thanks to its hyper matte surfaces with a very high resistance to scraps and spots with an exclusive embossing in register allowing to produce decorative surfaces which can be hardly told from wood.

In its production plants, Alfatherm owns and uses as many as 11 calendering lines branded Rodolfo Comerio; the two Italian companies, settled in Varese area, have always been collaborating successfully for the development and production of evermore innovative products.

This year “Fuorisalone” has been the occasion for Alfatherm to introduce its brand-new materials produced thanks to Rodolfo Comerio’s lines, among these products the “Totem” project i.e. an information point able to enhance the street furniture of the new Milano DC (Milan Cadorna District) designed by Architect Fabrizio Bianchetti and made with the new Alfatherm AECORE laminates, manufactured by means of the calendering, laminating and embossing in register (EIR) lines by Rodolfo Comerio.

Rodolfo Comerio, established in 1878, for 140 years has been recognized as the leading company in this industry, thanks to a long history of successes and evolution.

This mechanical company in the recent years has begun its expansion starting from its staff, who has been increased of 30%, and its partners, by retaining several local artisan businesses. Actually,

office refurbishment works are being carried out, the company aiming to have high-technological and functional spaces to welcome at the very best its customers and suppliers as well as to ensure the comfort of its staff.

Very soon, even the construction works of a new building next to the existing one shall begin, thus allowing the current production to double.

In this important event of “Alfatherm’s Fuorisalone” Rodolfo Comerio was represented by CEO Mr Carlo Comerio and Sales and Marketing Manager Mr Nicola Fedele, who were welcomed by Alfatherm CEO Mr Marino Uberti and Technical Manager Mr Giuseppe Cerizza.

Rodolfo Comerio CEO Mr Carlo Comerio appreciated Alfatherm products stating that: “the discussions with Alfatherm experts during the years are always stimulating and inspiring for the development of our lines”.

He is glad to contribute with its machineries to the processing of such a high-quality and prestigious product manufactured by Alfatherm.

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