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Retail sales in Great Britain: Aug 2016

Main points

In August 2016, the quantity bought (volume) of retail sales is estimated to have increased by 6.2% compared with August 2015; all store types except textile, clothing and footwear, and household goods showed growth with the main contribution coming from food stores.

The quantity bought decreased by 0.2% compared with July 2016; the largest contribution to the decrease came from non-food stores which was offset by increases in non-store retailing, predominantly food stores and petrol stations. 

The underlying pattern in the retail sector is still one of growth with the 3 month on 3 month movement in the quantity bought increasing by 1.6%.

The amount spent (value) in the retail industry increased by 4.1% compared with August 2015 and decreased by 0.5% compared with July 2016.

The amount spent online increased by 18.5% compared with August 2015 and increased by 0.4% compared with July 2016.

Non-seasonally adjusted average store prices (including petrol stations) fell by 1.9% in August 2016 compared with August 2015.

Table of contents

  1. Main points
  2. Things you need to know about this release
  3. Main figures
  4. Sector summary
  5. Focus on department stores (non-specialised stores)
  6. Internet sales in detail
  7. Contributions to growth
  8. Distribution analysis
  9. Economic context
  10. International data
  11. Changes to publication schedule for economic statistics
  12. Quality and methodology
  13. Background notes

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Source: Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence v.1.0.


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