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Renovation of floors with no downtime

This year at the 2013 Domotex in Hannover, Arboritec introduced Europe to UVElite, the most durable site-cured UV waterborne finish on market.  The demonstration was met with enthusiasm across the board, and Arboritec couldn’t be more proud. UVElite is the result of 5 years of extensive research, development, testing and passion. This is the next evolution in the flooring industry, building upon Arboritec’s core science:  Accelerated NanoTechnology™ fortified with Ceramic Silica for exceptional durability.

Arboritec UVElite is a one-component ultraviolet cured waterborne finish, providing previously implausible benefits to the floor owner. The key benefit is instant full cure at the exposure of ultraviolet light, provided by a portable UV machine. Full cure means that the floor owner, has immediate use of the floor.  No downtime necessary. A traditional site applied lacquer requires anywhere from 3-15 days to achieve full cure.

Why UVElite?

For commercial jobs like restaurants, bars, and hotels, UVElite allows facility owners to move racks, displays and inventory back into place and resume business immediately. Commercial floor owners do not need to fear “early use damage” to their newly finished floors, and no downtime means no lost profits.  Finishing a floor is an expensive investment, and you want it to last.  Mor 97% of floor damage occurs in the initial curing phase.  This damage is all but eliminated with UVElite.

The pictures below show a restaurant in Colorado, in which the finishing job was started at 10.00 PM when the last customers left. The 80- m² floor was fully sanded, sealed and coated with 2 layers of UVElite. At 7:00 AM in the morning the floor was cured with UV machine, and the restaurant was ready to serve first customers for breakfast at 8:00 AM. The floor was treated about one and half year ago and the floor still look like a newly lacquered floor, according to the owner of restaurant.

Not only it is fast curing, but UVElite offers the ultimate protection for the life of a site finished hardwood floor. Exhaustive testing has shown that UVElite lacquer is 40% more durable than traditional two-component waterborne finishes. UVElite gives floor owners’ unparalleled protection of their hardwood floors.

Until now, the industry has been forced to accept that renovated wood floors will be outclassed by pre-finished floors from the factory. We at Arboritec are never satisfied with the status quo, and our customers shouldn’t be either. Every day, our passionate team is striving to innovate and reach beyond what was thought possible.  With Arboritec UVElite, we have achieved the same or better durability and scratch resistance of a new factory finished floor.  Even chemical resistance is equal to or better than that of a brand new floor. This exceptional result is achieved due to the immediate cure of UVElite with a UV-light bulb, similar to that used on factory finished floors.

The benefits do not stop there. You can literally breathe easier using UVElite to protect your floors. UVElite is free from isocynates, NMP and solvents. UVElite is an extremely environmentally friendly and safe finishing solution. With a very low VOC level (less than 1%). UVElite displays greatly reduced amounts of harmful emissions, which means better indoor air quality.  Better indoor air quality means a safer environment for floor owners, their customers, and their families.

A solution for PVC and Linoleum

The benefits of UVElite for floor owners do not limit to only wood floors which was the initial application of the product, but also other types of floor including PVC, Linoleum and Concrete. Several projects with UVElite on PVC and Linoleum have shown very promising results. Besides all advantages mentioned above, the cleaning efforts for staffs has been significantly reduced on the floor treated with UVElite. This benefit was pointed out for the first time by staffs at a school in Uppsala where the UVElite was used for treatment of their PVC floor one year ago.

UVElite is a clear departure from conventional methods of onsite floor finishing. The composition of Arboritec Hi-Tech finishes offer even more exclusive benefits, putting UVElite in a class of its own.  The entire Arboritec team has been anticipating this moment for years, and we hope the industry will share in our excitement.  This is the best product you can get.  That is the Arboritec Promise.  Let’s revolutionize the industry.

Arboritec UVElite is now available at Arboritec’s exclusive distributors in United Kingdom, Floor Stock.

Contact Meri Rigby on +46 (0)769 456 325 or visit our website www.arboritec.com

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