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Recofloor: Recycling vinyl flooring saves money

Flooring companies that recycle their waste vinyl flooring through Recofloor can save up to 70% on disposal costs when compared to sending offcuts or uplifted material to landfill.

Since Polyflor and Altro founded their national waste vinyl flooring recycling scheme in 2009, more than 700 collectors across the UK and Ireland are now benefiting from this sustainable alternative disposal route. More than 60 drop-off sites also accept waste vinyl flooring.

From April 2017, landfill tax rises to £86.10 per tonne, plus £19 per tonne as the median Gate Fee, according to WRAP’s latest Material’s Pricing Report. In contrast, a Recofloor collection of either four bags or two bins from a member’s premises costs just £30.

“With the ever-increasing cost of waste disposal, it makes economic, and of course, environmental sense to recycle wherever possible. Recofloor’s cost-effective and flexible take-back scheme helps firms of all sizes to return waste material for recycling,” comments Carla Eslava, Recofloor Project Co-ordinator.

A handy Cost Calculator on Recofloor’s website (http://www.recofloor.org/cost-savings/) shows how much contractors and fitters can save by using Recofloor compared to the cost of landfilling or skipping their waste vinyl. Waste vinyl can be collected from a contractor’s premises or job site – a helpful service, particularly for larger projects.

Recofloor accepts smooth and safety vinyl offcuts and roll ends, uplifted smooth vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), which are recycled back into new products, including flooring. The scheme’s Specification Guidelines provide information on identifying the different types of vinyl, what can and can’t be recycled and collection/storage methods.

Carla adds: “Keeping materials clean and dry prior to collection is important, as is minimising contamination such as blades or knives, wood and plastic for safety reasons and to reduce hazards. The higher the quality of material collected for recycled, the more of it can be returned to new products.”

You can find out more about Recofloor’s efficient collection system at www.recofloor.org. Contact 0161 355 7618 or email [email protected].

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