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Quick-Step Parquet Novelties 2013

Today, it is impossible to imagine everyday life without wood: an iPad cover in woodprint, a wood design Vespa, handbags and shoes in a wood look…Wood is sexy. And it just so happens that wood designs are the very thing Quick-Step is passionate about!

This year Quick-Step is introducing 3 new engineered wood innovations that are natural down to the core, every single one of them eye-catchers to grace your home interior!

With the new Imperio collection the planks are even longer and wider, even more authentic and more innovative with the Variano collection and even more romantic and elegant with the new pattern of 4 floors within the Villa collection.

Experience the warm, authentic character of wood and nature with a Quick-Step engineered wood floor in your home.

The Imperio Nougat Oak Oiled floors also stand out by the four joints that underscore the ample width and length, the distinctive “character grading”, with its hand-sanded knots, the heavy brushing it has been given and the dark coloured knots and cracks. This floor has not been smoked, but greyed, with white oil subsequently rubbed into the wood by hand to give the grey a softer and patinated charm. This looks as though an age-old floor has been sanded down and oiled again. Oil is much finer than varnish, it is mindful of the artisanal texture of the surface and creates a matter, more natural look. In short, an eye-catcher in any home interior.

It is the warm greys with a tint of brown especially, the so-called greiges, that are currently extremely popular in home interiors. Greige combines well with bright colours, but every bit as well with pastel colours, which are back in the limelight courtesy of the retro and vintage design revival.


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