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Quick-Step LVT – The benefits of a luxury vinyl floor

Not that long ago, the vinyl floor was still an ugly duckling. People tended to associate a vinyl floor not only with a plastic look, but also with susceptibility to wear and tear. However, thanks to modern production engineering and an unrelenting focus on design, UNILIN has succeeded in raising vinyl flooring to the highest level.

As opposed to traditional vinyl flooring, LVT – or luxury vinyl tiles and planks – are not sold on rolls, but in tile or plank format, to be glued or connected using a click system. The technology used in this click system is representative of the innovative expertise of UNILIN, Division Flooring, a specialist in flooring that can count on many years of experience as one of the leading players in the field of laminate and hardwood floors and their floating installation.

An LVT floor will give you the practical benefits of a synthetic product – a watertight floor that feels soft and warm underneath your feet – in an attractive and realistic-looking plank or tile design. Apart from that, a vinyl floor is exceptionally thin, which makes it easy to lay on top of your old, existing floor. An excellent heat conductor, vinyl is also perfectly suited to be laid over an underfloor heating or cooling system.

Soft, warm and durable

Lead Product Manager for LVT at UNILIN, Division Flooring, Marieke Callens is an absolute expert on all things associated with vinyl. She and her staff oversee the entire production process, from design to finished product, for the Quick-Step consumer brand and for Pergo, Quick-Step’s counterpart on the contract market. ‘UNILIN LVT has numerous advantages, not only in comparison to the products offered by our competitors, but also in comparison to other types of flooring’, explains Marieke Callens. ‘Planks fitted with the Unifit click system are much easier to lay than traditional vinyl on rolls and have a much more authentic look. Among the numerous advantages of LVT compared to traditional wooden flooring is also that it is waterproof and quiet to walk on.’

The logical choice

Previously, vinyl flooring was relegated to rooms that needed a waterproof floor, such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and laundry areas; in other words: rooms where functionality takes precedence over design. Since the emergence of realistic wood prints and designs, vinyl flooring has made its appearance in other rooms too, where aesthetics are an equally important factor for consideration. “The past decades have seen an unprecedented rise in the popularity of vinyl”, Marieke Callens continues. “Luxury vinyl flooring was a logical next step for UNILIN. It forms a perfect complement to our existing product range of high-quality laminate and hardwood flooring.”

UNILIN did not embark on the production of LVT out of strategic considerations; luxury vinyl flooring is particularly a sector in which the company can provide substantial added value; not only to end customers, but also to retailers and installers. “The expertise we have built up in our other flooring categories gives us a leading edge, particularly in the field of design but also with regard to the technical properties of vinyl floors”, explains Marieke. “Not only that, vinyl is an interesting product category for our partners in the retail chain as well. Being a flexible material, a thorough preparation and careful installation are of the essence when laying a vinyl floor, particularly if you are using glue. This makes it an ideal product for professional floor layers to show off their skills. Also, our click system provides retailers with an added benefit as their customers will generally need to buy a suitable underlay.”

Fast and sturdy installation with UNIFIT

Thanks to the unique UNIFIT technology, the strongest click system on the market, floating installation of an LVT floor is within everyone’s easy reach. The patented system developed by UNILIN’s Technology Division provides three installation options: slide and click, rotate and click, or horizontal insertion. This enables every installer – from novice to seasoned professional – to work thirty per cent faster.

“LVT was the first of our flooring categories to be equipped with our UNIFIT technology. This is accompanied by extremely high quality standards”, Marieke Callens adds. “Every groove has to be perfect. We systematically monitor the quality of our products and refuse to tolerate even the slightest deviation from our high quality standards. There is simply no other way in which we can guarantee a fast, high-performance system.”

Innovative in design

Its new generation LVT enables UNILIN to demonstrate not only its innovative capacities with regard to engineering technology, but also its ability to retain its position as a leading international player in the field of design. The collection comprises a wide selection of authentic-looking wood and tile designs with a natural bevel and texture.

The application of pioneering joining technology enables the joints to be milled deeper than by any of UNILIN’s competitors. Apart from that, the joints are dyed to match the colour of the plank, to perfectly mimic a genuine wood floor.

Even today, the extremely high-definition patterns developed by UNILIN give the vinyl planks an ultra-realistic appearance, just as the matte and natural-feeling surface relegates the “plastic” image of vinyl to the past.


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