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Peace for patients with Itec Contract Floors

A calm, quiet atmosphere is paramount to the comfort and wellbeing of patients in a variety of healthcare environments, and Itec Contract Floors now offers a range of resilient floor coverings with acoustic properties that are perfect for these locations.

Healthcare organisations such as care homes, hospitals and therapeutic facilities often require a peaceful atmosphere to relax patients, and in busy environments this can be extremely hard to achieve. Impact noise from heavy footfall and airborne noises generated by conversation and electrical goods can travel, creating unpleasant excess sound. It is important to minimise sound in between patient rooms for maximum privacy, in residents’ lounges where there can be high levels of concentrated noise and in public areas such as hallways and stairwells where sounds tend to travel and echo. Indeed, Approved Document E (Resistance to the Passage of Sound) of The Building Regulations lays out minimum standards for sound insulation between patient rooms as well as for the acoustic conditions in common, public areas such as corridors.

Itec have introduced Axento and Silento, two brand new flooring ranges with good acoustic properties that work to absorb and reduce excess sound. Perfect matches for healthcare environments where noise reduction is of utmost importance and featuring 18dB of sound insulation, Axento and Silento can help contribute to a more peaceful environment.

Not only offering acoustic benefits, Axento and Silento are stylish options too. With over 40 different options across both ranges, from contemporary crosshatch-effect brights to characterful wood-effect alternatives, there is sure to be a match for every interior space. Rated R10 slip-resistant and with a high resistance to chemicals, Axento and Silento floors are ideal for areas prone to accidents and spillages. Treated with a HyperGuard Plus PUR layer for enhanced appearance retention, these floors are classified suitable for heavy commercial acoustic use.

Jason Barrett, UK and Ireland National Sales Manager for Itec Contract Floors, explains, “This is a sensitive issue and we are proud to offer a solution to acoustic flooring requirements in the caring sector. All Itec finishes are practical and hardwearing floors that would work well in these high-impact areas anyway, but the added acoustic properties of Axento and Silento are a real bonus. We hope that Itec acoustic flooring will help these caring organisations to provide the best, most comfortable environment possible for their patients and visitors.”

Available in two or four metre widths and suitable for hot or cold welding, Axento and Silento offer cleaner lines and less institutionalised-looking joint detailing for a smooth finish.

For further information contact Itec Contract Floors on 0800 032 3970 or visit

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