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Patent Box Relief Tops £343 Million 

700 companies used the Patent Box in its first year with a total value of £343 million, according to HMRC.

Figures show that 225 large companies claimed £327.2 million in relief in 2013/14, making up for 95.4% of the total claim.

The remaining relief was shared between 475 companies with 290 of them being SMEs or micro businesses.

Further findings:

  • manufacturing companies claimed 63.3% of the total relief 
  • IT, financial services and real estate companies claimed 17.1%
  • 16.4% were in retail and transport
  • companies in London claimed the most relief (£196.8 million) 
  • companies in the North East claimed the least (£1.6 million).

The Patent Box came into effect from 1 April 2013, applying a lower rate (10%) of corporation tax to profits from patents and intellectual property.

The relief has been phased in over a 5 year period with companies gaining the full benefit from 2017.

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