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Pallmann – Subfloor preparation – Wood Floors

Download: Subfloor Preparation Guide – Pallmann

Sums up the Pallmann full range offer for the installation, renovation and maintenance of wood floors.

This straight talking guide from the experts at PALLMANN will walk you through the subfloor preparation steps to ensure that everything is as it should be before the installation of a wood floor.

Some basics:

  • Prepare the building for the wood floor.
  • If the building isn’t in absolute “live in” condition, then DON’T INTRODUCE THE WOOD FLOOR.
  • So ALL building working should be finished and all systems checked and operating consistently.
  • Only then can you bring the wood floor into the building and follow the manufacturers acclimatisation instructions.
  • At every visit take moisture readings of subfloor and wood, relative humidity (rh) and temperature readings of room space. Record and keep these measurements… its really important!
  • Always give your customer correct information to ensure realistic expectations.
  • Use the following “5 steps to subfloor preparation for a wood floor”.


Pallmann Wood brochure


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