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Older Workers ‘Feel Unsupported’ By Employers

More than two-fifths of older workers don’t feel supported by their employers when it comes to their career aspirations, according to research.

Aviva surveyed 2,497 adults and found that 63% of employed over-50s are planning to retire later than they expected to 10 years ago.

However, 44% of these older workers say they feel unsupported by their employer in realising their career ambitions and objectives.

Aviva has urged employers to provide more support for this age group, such as flexible working and help with retirement finances, to avoid creating a “disheartened and discouraged over-50s workforce”.

The survey found that 38% of those who planned to work longer were doing so because they had insufficient retirement savings.

Lindsey Rix, managing director of savings and retirement at Aviva, said:

“Our findings suggest older employees have a lot to offer, despite the challenges they face around workplace support.

“To make the most of this, employers need to provide rounded support for this generation where their wellbeing and work-related needs are considered alongside the financial challenge of saving for retirement.”

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