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New from ORAC®: SX171, waterproof and paintable cover board skirting

Want to cover up old skirting boards? Keep untidy cables and wiring out of sight?  Do you prefer skirting boards that are the same colour as your walls? ORAC®, the Belgian manufacturer of architectural profiles for floors, walls and ceilings now extends its series of skirting boards with the SX171. A cover board skirting, that’s both waterproof and paintable, and easily fitted on over existing skirting boards of up to  8.8 x 1.4 cm An ideal solution for renovation  and for use with floors that need regular mopping.

This new product in the Orac Decor® skirting board collection provides the ideal solution, where old skirting boards are difficult or impossible to remove. The cover skirting features a clear void to the rear that can easily be fitted on top of the existing skirting board.  Use the SX171 as a cover skirting to avoid costs for removing the existing boards, and potential re-plastering of the wall. The new skirting board is quickly installed to enhance the appearance of your home. The cover skirting board is also a handy and decorative way of hiding electricity cables out of sight. Some references can even be used around doors, providing an unbroken line between skirting board and door frame. 

All Orac Decor® skirting boards are made from Duropolymer®, an extruded high density polystyrene mix. Unlike MDF or wood, Duropolymer® is totally waterproof and extremely shock resistant. Duropolymer® is the ideal choice for use with floors that need regular mopping. Our skirting special keeps its shape when wet and resists dents.

The skirting boards can be sawn with ease and fitted without difficulty with ORAC®’s DecoFix glue range: DecoFix Pro for porous surfaces, DecoFix Hydro for non-porous surfaces and bathrooms, and DecoFix Extra for seamless connection between profiles. They are easily painted, as they are already primed,with a smooth matt surface with excellent paint adhesion. A tip: Why not paint your skirting board in the same colour as your walls and your room seems higher and airier.  

The new cover skirting board (10 by 2.2 cm) brings Orac Decor®’s skirting board collection to 19 profiles, six of these also exist in a flexible version, providing the ideal solution for curved walls.         


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