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The Natural Wood Floor Company’s continued success as one of Europe’s leading wood flooring manufacturers and suppliers, has led to a 20 million Euro expansion programme at the company’s manufacturing plant in Romania.

This investment has been used to finance a new engineered timber facility, which includes a 6000 sq m factory, the instalment of new, specialist machinery and the employment of eighty new staff members.

The new facility houses a semi-automated engineered line, which cuts, assembles, sands, finishes and packages the company’s engineered products. With a sharp rise in the demand for their engineered flooring, production will now be able to increase by 15%.

The new factory also manufactures a new product for The Natural Wood Floor Company, an engineered oak worktop.

Once full production has been achieved for this line, 1,350,000 sq m of product will be produced per annum, which will be sold by a global retail outlet.

This latest expansion project means that The Natural Wood Floor Company’s Romanian manufacturing plant has now grown to 20,000 sq m.

Peter Keane, Director of The Natural Wood Floor Company said, “We are delighted that the new expansion plans have been completed on time and on budget. It has taken us 3 years to plan, develop and build the new facility. We see this as a real achievement, especially in the current economic climate.

It’s an exciting time for The Natural Wood Floor Company. Our new facility means that not only can we keep up with the demand for our engineered flooring, but we can also increase our product range and offer our customers more choice.

The move into manufacturing the engineered oak worktop is a natural progression for the company, given our level of expertise and knowledge in this area. With a global retail outlet already onboard, we will now be looking for other distribution channels for this exciting product.”

The Natural Wood Floor Company has other big plans for the future.

The company will continue to develop furniture and lifestyle products, using their new engineered timber technology, enabling them to expand into new markets.


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