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Floor Protection During Vital Winter Maintenance

Floor Protection During Vital Winter Maintenance


This summer has been one of the wettest on record, and the weather is expected to continue to be as unpredictable as ever in the near future. After an incredibly mild winter last year, late snowfall into 2012 and near-constant rainfall throughout the summer months, the coming months are set to cause problems for the multitude of businesses and homes carrying out building, maintenance, renovation or repair work. In order to be on the safe side, a range of temporary floor protection products are a must for all sites. Easily applied and quick to remove, the unobtrusive and non-branded floor protectors from experts TrioPlus provide a barrier which sits above existing flooring and helps to protect it from constant footfalls, paint spillages, dirt, mud, heavy equipment and anything else which might put flooring at risk of being damaged.

Many homes will choose the winter months to carry out a renovation on their home, whether it’s just in time for the New Year, as a Christmas treat to themselves or just because they would rather spend their time indoors than out in the cold. The temporary carpet protection film available from Trio Plus starts at just £20.00 and is completely child, pet and eco-friendly, making it ideal for those re-painting rooms or using wallpaper paste to give their home a makeover. The adhesive is on the reverse of the film, so the product can be applied to any carpet by hand, and as it is water-based, the film leaves no marks whatsoever on carpets when it is removed. 

Businesses which are using the winter months to carry out maintenance work will need to ensure that their flooring will be in prime condition after the maintenance has been carried out. Whether protecting carpets or hard surfaces, Trio Plus’ range of floor protection products are strong, durable and designed to keep flooring blemish free whatever the circumstances. For carpets,  film protection is puncture-resistant and non-skid, making it ideal for places where a high volume or work will be carried out. Trio Plus’ award winning ram board hard floor protectoris best-suited for hard, laminated, tiled or stone floors, and forms a vapour permeable, breathable layer which is resistant against all forms of liquid spillage, as well as heavy footfall and bulky equipment. 

Trio Plus can also provide carpet or hard floor protection products for more specialist purposes; their products have been used all over the globe on film or television sets, during the renovation of museums, for the protection of valuable or old floors and carpets in listed buildings, and even during exam season to keep the floors sports or assembly halls in good condition. With some of the most famous names in the world listed as clients, including Lexus, Cambridge University, and even the recent James Bond film, Casino Royale, the quality of these products is clear for all to see.

Orders can be placed online at or over the phone: 01372 747555.

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